Sunday, July 19, 2009

Observations From The Campground

We left Wednesday to go camping, much like we do every summer, with the intentions of staying through until Saturday. (we don't always leave on Wed., I just meant we camp every summer) The weather was gorgeous and the forecast was calling for Thursday and Friday to be nice with a chance of rain both days. The Boy is a bad luck charm when it comes to camping, and without fail, every single time he's ever gone camping in his life, there has been torrential rain. Not just a passing shower.. a storm! This year was no different. We had a sprinkling rain Wed. night and briefly Thurs. morning, but other than that we had gorgeous weather. Friday however, we started to hear about severe thunderstorms coming through over night and into early Saturday morning. Of course, I thought, just in time for us to pack up all our gear. Friday we went to the lake and spent the day, and then came back around 5pm-ish. I was listening to NOAA again, and hearing things like gusty wind, and hail... and decided it wasn't worth staying. So I mentioned to The Boy, that we should start packing up, have dinner and a camp fire, and then around the time we'd be heading to bed, just head home. He thought that was a fine idea... we had spent the day... the morning we leave is mostly just get up, have breakfast, pack up and leave anyhow.. and then our stuff would be dry.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Which We Find... Tall Ships!

I came back from a meeting Thursday night, to The Boy asking if I wanted to go to Boston on Saturday to see the Tall Ships. With his parents. I love Boston, and I have always wanted to see the tall ships.. so I figured what the heck and agreed to go. We called them back and it turns out my MIL had an apt that morning and blah blah.. so we decided we'd go down early, have lunch and meet up with them in the afternoon.

Saturday was a gorgeous day! There were people out in Boston in DROVES. One women who was waiting in line behind me to use the bathroom in Quincy Market commented to the women behind her (they were both from out of state) that she overheard it was the first nice stretch of weather.. and I piped up with IN MONTHS! I told them how cold and rainy it's been and I wasn't surprised at all the people out and about, because we all have cabin fever. They both laughed and then proceeded to tell me about how gorgeous it's been where they live.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Anatomy of a Fence

Someday it might stop raining and I'll have something new to blog about.. but until then I will keep blogging about old things that I haven't blogged about yet. Like my new fence. Our fences, as you might remember from here, and here, were 30 plus years old, rotting and falling down. In 2006, we removed the part of the back fence that ran between our yard and your neighbors yard before a winter storm took it out. We have been working on replacing it since. Last summer, we had the pine trees in the back yard taken down. Over the winter I talked to the prior owner of our house, who sells "organic lumber" now (he's a character in a half) about coming out to measure how much lumber we'd need to build a new fence and giving us an estimate. He not only came out to measure, but said in exchange for some computer work from The Boy, he'd help us build the new fence. I could do a whole blog post about him and how wonderful he's been to us since we moved here.. but that's another day.