Thursday, August 27, 2009

.... And So Does He

Because the High School and Middle School kids are all in the same building... the High School kids all get one extra day of summer vacation. They let the younger kids have a day back to get their lockers, find their classes and be in the halls without the booming population of large and noisy H.S'ers.

Today, I sent my 14.5 yr old son off to his first day of High School. It's so weird to think that he's old enough to be in High School, or that I'm old enough to have a child there. I'm not ready for these next 4 years to fly by, and I remember that once you get to H.S... that's what happens.

He has so much potential.. and he's very intelligent and funny. He is realizing that he might actually have to start studying this year (or maybe he won't).. and if he applies himself he could score himself a 4 yr paid scholarship to anywhere he wants to go. Somehow sending him off was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I think I'm ready.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And So It Goes......

..... and so does she.

I just watched this beautiful young lady get on a large yellow school bus for the first time in her school career, and take off down the road to drive the 10 miles that will bring her over to the Middle School/ High School in the next town. She is nervous, and excited and I will admit, she was a little giggly. She is dressed in an outfit she bought with her birthday money, and wearing makeup for the first time (well, to school). She joked about how it's my turn to wear the skirt to school next (she bought a size M, cuz they didn't have a S.. so she has to tie the belt tight, but of course it totally fits me too.. so weird to think about sharing clothes already), and I joked back that I wasn't wearing her makeup too.

She will do just fine "over there" at the big school. She is a good student, she is friendly and kind and makes friends quick and easy, and she is just an overall good kid. It will be weird to walk to school every day without her. When Mr. Man used to walk with us, he was always in front of or behind us (mostly behind).. but her and I always talked on the way to school. This year she will either talk to The Boy in the car, or to her friends on the bus.. and I will walk alone. I already miss her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Have a What Now?!

So Mr. Man is starting H.S. this week. Last week he went to school every day at 12:30 and stayed until 8:00 for band camp. He's pretty damn good at band, and was in the March-Off every single night. On Friday, the kids have their parents come at 4:30, they show off their half time show, get a bit of ice cream treat, and go home after a long week of work. Last week it was HOT here in NH. Summer finally showed up the party, just in time for it to be over. I am talking so hot and humid, I only went running on Tuesday. It was bad. So needless to say, by Friday the atmospheric conditions were perfect for a storm. A big storm. With lots of lightning and pouring rains. Ash and I went to the H.S. ( The Boy was already there working) for 4:30, and dashed in amongst the first of the rain. The lightning continued to crack down around us and the rain could be heard throughout the building.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Which We Find ... The End of Summer

Well, I have thought about it, and researched and decided I just don't care enough to not blog. There's some old saying that eavesdroppers never hear good things about themselves.. and that's the attitude I'm taking. In the meantime.. I've gone hiking, blueberry picking twice, sat out in my chair and enjoyed the sun and read... have played in my garden, done some knitting (don't you just love that hat? I'm making her a sweater to match), taken a trip to the mall, seen my niece who just keeps getting cuter and played steel drums. The weather these past few days has been muggy and rainy and stormy and so I've been cooped up inside and I feel like I have cabin fever. I'm kind of looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, and at the same time I'm not ready for summer to end.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well Now...

If you had told me that by August 4th, I wouldn't have posted my 800th blog post, I would've told you that you were crazy. I mean hello.. I blog all the time. Except for when I don't. See, first we had that situation way back in the spring that had me sad and out of sorts. I would like to report that the situation is 100% better, and I'm glad that it's behind us. Then came the whirlwind of the school year ending and the fence being built and the tower going up and I was just plain exhausted. Which doesn't really explain though, why I haven't been blogging much all summer does it? I was thinking about it in the shower today.. where I do my best thinking.. and all of a sudden it clicked. See that man-child mowing our neighbors lawn.. mowing for the first time in his life.. doing his first real job? He is an ornery sort of child, and upon discovering that I was a blogger, Googled until he found my site. I asked him not to read it, as this is MY blog. My place to go and vent and say what I need to say. I haven't ever shared this link with ANYONE in my family, or The Boys for that matter because I don't want to ever wonder that I might hurt someone's feelings or share something that is going to upset anyone.