Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Which We Find an Adventure

Sometime last month I was in the grocery store and I picked up a copy of Yankee Magazine's September October issue. While I was flipping through it, I noticed they did an article on Rt. 100 in Vermont, which they claim to be the "Most Scenic Drive of All".. 200 miles through the heart of Vermont. After a discussion with The Boy, we deiced we'd go find out for ourselves. We've seen all there is to see around here after all, having lived out here since Fall of 2001. Even though the color is spectacular this year due to all the rain we got this summer, it's still the same old places.

We decided that instead of going south, to pick up rt. 100 at the start, we'd head west and pick it up in Wilmington. According to the magazine there wasn't much to see before that anyhow. We left at 8:19 am, drove out to Brattleboro, and then up to Wilmington. It was grey, drizzly and cold and I was beginning to doubt the weather dude's promise that the skies would clear and the sun would come out. We drove up over Hogsback Mt, and as I looked over towards the view across the valley and the farms to the mountains, I knew it didn't matter. It was going to be a fantastic adventure. Rt. 100 rambles along, changing direction this way and that, and follows right up alongside the Deerfield River, which provided many opportunities for oohing and ahhing, along with this gorgeous waterfall in Granville. The sun finally started to come out about the time we got to here.

We stopped at the Vermont Country Store, in Weston, which was my only "must-do" for the entire day... other than arriving in Troy, Vt. How fun is it that we started in Troy, NH, and ended in Troy, VT? We actually decided last night, that we want to visit Troy, NY next summer(with the band schedule, fall is just too crazy), and The Boy mentioned that there is also a Troy, Michigan as well. This might just become a yearly tradition. I wonder how many other states have a town or city of Troy?? We talked about stopping at Ben and Jerry's.. but OMG tourist season is here and lots of people who aren't me have Monday off, so it was just jam-packed full of cars and we decided to skip it. We are close enough that we can just go another time.

We drove over and through multiple mountains and ski resorts, past farm after farm after farm, through more little towns than I could count, and saw cows, horses, chickens, buffalo, a few cats, a couple dead skunks and a dead racoon.. but not one single moose. There were a multitude of times were I would've stopped for more photos if we weren't hard pressed to finish our trip in one day, and Mr. Man wasn't being so cranky about having to be stuck in the car.. but it's OK. We already decided we'd do it again and explore it better.. maybe next fall!


Bec said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day!
But "not one single moose" seems to be the story of my life. :( I want to see a real moose sooooo baaaaaadly! Don't they know they are my absolute favorite???

Sgt said...

Guess it was so scenic that you just kept driving and haven't been back to blog. ;-)

Hope you and everyone is well!