Monday, December 31, 2007

My, What Big Snow Banks You Have!

2008 will arrive in NH the same way it left... with a storm. 10 inches of the lovely, white, shit, er... stuff fell overnight and this morning, leaving virtually NO WHERE else for me to be able to throw it. As it was, I had to travel with my snow today. I had to shovel it, carry it a bit, and then throw it somewhere else. Because it was a bit warmish today, all the snow from my slate roof slid off, landed on the metal porch roof, and then slid off again (which is lovely, keeps the roofs tip top) right onto the walk. Not only onto the walk, right in front of the door. Where I might have JUST finished shoveling. It left a good wall of snow there. Because I have to shovel a path to my oil fill and the electric meter, I started my path earlier than I planned, and walked a bit down it and threw the snow next to the hedges. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I mean really. If I were into snow sports, such as.. I dunno skiing, or ice fishing, or snowmobiling, I'd be thrilled to death. As it is, I only really enjoy snowshoeing, and not with my knee bad like it is.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random iPod

Random iPod takes on a whole new look now that I've discovered how to embed UTube videos into my blog. This song, with it's haunting music speaks to my soul on the darkest of days. 9 Crimes-Damien Rice.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Because I Am Your Mother, That's Why

Dear Son,

Now that you've been a teenager for almost 36 hours, I wish to offer you some advice. It is your choice to take it or leave it, but as your mother it is my obligation to give it. Listen Up.

It's not the end of the world if you have a bad hair day. Just because your hair is sticking out a little, or a little too "fluffy" doesn't mean that girls will laugh and point and boys will beat you up. Everyone has bad hair days. That is why they invented hats. I realize that it's been about 8 weeks since we have had our hair cut. I generally get my hair cut every 8 weeks. If you want to continue coming with me, you will adhere to my schedule or I will have your father buzz it all back to it's previous short self. I realize that the lady said you could come back in 6 weeks. I realize that for the past two weeks it's been a little "shaggy". Have you forgotten already what it looked like before I dragged you to have it cut prior to Dottie's funeral? I think you have. Move On.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All Boxed Up....

Or, Fabulous Google Searches That Brought You Here.. version 6.2

1. Miserable Cold. It is winter, and I live in the Great Frozen North, so of course we are having miserable cold weather. In fact, the Weather Dude just said something about 3 storms between now and New Years. Let me contain my excitement. Although, if you click the link, it would seem that the day I posted this, was the beginning of a pretty rotten cold I had this fall. One of those colds that leaves you with the "sexy 900 number operator" voice and has you ruing the day you decided to work with snot nosed children.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Behold, I Bring You Tidings of Great Joy

The gifts have been opened.
The phone calls to distant loved ones have been made.
The wine is chilling. The bread is baking. The meat pies are in the oven.

And so, I leave you with this:

An Irish Christmas Blessing
The light of the Christmas star to you
The warmth of home and hearth to you
The cheer and good will of friends to you
The hope of a childlike heart to you
The joy of a thousand angels to you
The love of the Son and God's peace to you.
Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2007

And the Angels Cried....

I read somewhere, that for each "punch" that you take, and don't punch back, you gain a Karma Point. Like, say your DH bought a fabulous gift for his dad while on vacation over the summer, and his sister (who is hurting right now, so we'll cut her some slack) makes some crack about how with us all pitching in for a gift this year "dad won't get anymore boat themed crap" (the gift was a wooden sign with a row boat adhered to it that said, "I hope our ship comes in before the dock rots" and my FIL LOVED IT!).. and he doesn't say one word to her about it or make a big deal out of it when his dad opens the gift.. One Karma Point for him. Or say your BIL has been pissed off at you for an ENTIRE EFFING YEAR, over something that really he has no business being pissed off about and acts like a total asshat towards you and you just smile and be pleasant anyhow.. One Karma Point for you (or in this case, me.. and considering how awful he was today.. I think I earned 20).

Saturday, December 22, 2007

And on the 23rd Day.......

I will rest. Yes, you heard me right. I have plans for tomorrow. Big plans. Oh sure, I have to do some laundry, and maybe water my parched houseplants. I might have some holiday dishes to pack up and put back into storage.. but all that is trivial. The most important plans I have for tomorrow involve my couch, my stadium blanket and maybe even a pillow. Why yes, it does sound like a nap.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Which We Find... A Sad Anniversary

Who can say for certain
Maybe you're still here
I feel you all around me
Your memories so clear

Deep in the stillness
I can hear you speak
You're still an inspiration
Can it be (?)
That you are mine
Forever love
And you are watching over me from up above

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile to know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Which We Find.... An Apology

Ya'll.. I know.. I suck. I will admit it. I promised you daily blogging, and I haven't delivered. In the past, the December blogging has gone very well. I've had time to blog. I've had photos to blog. One year I wrote poetry. This year.. I just suck. In fact, I'm so lousy, these aren't even my photos. While we had a big Nor' Easter that gave us a foot of snow and some sleet over the weekend, my best friend had a kick arse ice storm that snapped power lines, took down trees and reeked havoc left and right. But it left a gorgeous scene behind... so in my sad attempt to divert you to how busy I am.. I give you borrowed photos. I know, I'm pathetic. It's just been nuts. I have had meeting, after meeting, after meeting. Board of this... budget that.... rehearings, PTO meetings, you name it.. I've met about it in the past 4 weeks. I have 2 more meetings tomorrow, and then I'm done for .. 2 weeks. Can I get an Amen?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time, Time's Ticking.... Ticking... Ticking Away

When asked, I consider myself to be a knitter. I love knitting. I enjoy the soothing repetition of stitches going on the needle, and off, and back on etc. etc. etc. I knit continental, and therefore don't stop and do any "wrapping" of yarn around needles, so it flows pretty smoothly. When I am frazzled and stressed out and feel like my life is spinning out of control, knitting calms me. Sort of like yoga, or Pilates. Brings my focus back to where it needs to be, and gives me an outlet.
I would bet that if I had more time right now to commit to knitting or yoga or Pilates, I'd feel a lot better. Less frazzled, and more focused. As it is, this isn't the case. I mentioned earlier that the only thing I've been knitting lately is mini Santa hats. And, in case you were wondering, no I am not finished.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Busy... or "Why I haven't Blogged"

Reason's I haven't been blogging daily, in no order of importance:

1. Busy
2. Headache (daily)
3. Not enough hours in my day
4. Busy
5. I need about 5 extra days (off, no work) in the next two weeks
6. Haven't been spending enough quality time at home
7. Busy
8. Someone has to buy the gifts
9. Work
10. Did I mention busy?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Define Good

Dear Santa,

I can explain.

It wasn't my intention to be so snarky over the past few days. It just kind of happened. It seems that for a few days before my monthly shows up, weird things go on with my mood and hormones, and I get cranky. Grumpy. Miserable. Rotten. You name it, it could probably describe me. On top of the normal grumps, I get a pretty pisser migraine that shows up for about 24 hrs before it finally packs up and leaves. One of those kinds that doesn't respond to any kind of pain meds. If you've never had a horrible headache Santa, it's a pretty miserable thing all by itself. When you are already feeling cranky, and then have a horrible headache, it's a lose-lose combo. Especially if you are trying to be good for Christmas.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tis The Season.. and Bah Humbug

"Where Are You Christmas"

Where are you Christmas
Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear music play

My world is changing
I'm rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Oh, You Shouldn't Have...." (no, really)

There is a common misconception that people "love" to receive handmade or handcrafted gifts. Something genuine and from the heart. A well thought out gift that speaks to the recipient more than an store bought purchase ever could.

I am here to tell you, that this is in fact false. While some people may in fact enjoy receiving gifts that you have poured your heart and soul into, most people do not. They may lie, and tell you how much they appreciate your hard work. They may gush and oooohhh and ahhhhh, secretly they are wondering why they didn't get something new and shiny, or a gift card to their favorite haunt.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cat In A Rocking Chair

We rearranged our front room this year, in anticipation of painting it over the summer. You might recall that due to Ms. Thang's bedroom furniture being stored there while we painted her room, and waited for the dude to come and refinish her floor, that it didn't get done. Best laid plans and all that. But I love the new arrangement, except that for months we agonized over what do do about the Christmas Tree. See, we moved the TV into the spot where the tree goes. Right between the two windows, which was always a lovely spot for the tree. Visible from the dining room, and as you came down the stairs from the second floor.

On Black Friday, after The Boy suggested that maybe we wouldn't have the front room tree up this year, I sat and mentally rearranged the room until I was ready to cry.

Monday, December 03, 2007

In Which We Find.... My 600th post

As much as I love doing lesson planning for this time of year (so many fun things to choose from), this is the one time of the year I wish, ever so slightly that I was still a SAHM. So much to get done for the holidays, and so little time. This year we are having our annual "Uncle Christmas" celebration on the 16th, and I don't feel like I have quite enough time between now and then. The Boy reminded me that we really aren't *that* far behind. Normally, I'd have my fall cleaning done by now. We got off to a HUGE late start, but as of today, the entire first floor (all 8 rooms, plus the porch, plus the "cold room") is finished. We have 3 bedrooms, the hall and the upstairs bathroom to go and we are done. YAY! I've started grocery shopping for necessary food items, there is fudge and 7 layers bars in the freezer waiting, and we have picked names for our gift exchange. Not bad. I've got a good start on the ornaments I'm creating for my "non-picked" people, if I'd just work on them!

Tis The Season... to be Bloggy....

Oh, how did we get to December 3rd with no posts?? A long standing (OK, this is the 3rd year) tradition I've had here on my blog is to do a post a day during the entire month of December. Obviously this year, I've been a slacker. Oh, don't think I didn't think of it... I sure did. Each of the past two days I gave it thought. When I was in the car, driving to the market... when I was in the shower... when I was doing a million other things.. other than being near my computer. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pass the Slouch Socks Please...

My friend Lars sent me a link to's list of Ten Most Terrifyingly Inspirational Songs from the 80's. Yes, we are Gen X'ers. We spent our formative years in the 80's and graduated in the early 90's. We wore side pony tails, and bangles up our arms and leg warmers and we were proud and happy dammit! I had a good time going through the list, and each video I played, The Boy would holler out who the band was, so proud of himself (although he got hung up on Pat Benatar and missed a few after that). It's amazing how many of the songs on that list were tied to movies that I loved back then. Karate Kid, The Legend of Billy Jean, Footloose, Top Gun (which I still have to stop and watch every time I find it in the TV lineup)...

I don't think however they these were *my* most inspirational songs from the 80's. So I give them to you, in no particular order:

Monday, November 26, 2007

What Color is the Sky in YOUR World?

(or, Things that are peeving me right now, in no particular order)

* How did Rachel Ray, the queen of " delish" become the voice of Dunkin Donuts? The TV show, I get.. the cookware, I get... but since when is my favorite coffee YUM-O?! Don't get me wrong, I like her well enough. I bought one of her cookbooks (365 meals or whatever the heck it's called).. and I enjoy it. Ms. Thang, who's aspiring to be a chef and spends a LOT of her TV time watching The Food Network, is pretty lukewarm about her. There are far better chefs on TV, don't you know mom? Anyhow.. the commercials are ticking me off.. less is more, right Rachel?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Heart of the Matter.......

Most of you don’t know that I have been undergoing a series of tests on my heart over the past 4 weeks. I went to the school nurse the week before Halloween complaining of some “heart burn”, and to get some TUMS and she asked if she could have a listen to my heart (the discomfort was right in the middle of my chest). After a few minutes of listening, she expressed concern that my heart was beating irregularly. I shrugged it off, telling her I knew that my heart beat irregularly, and she questioned how I knew this. I went on to tell her that 6 years ago, right before we moved here, my OB-GYN expressed some concern about an irregular heart beat and I had an EKG right in her office and it was fine. I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought since then.
Because of the discomfort, and the irregular beat, and my low blood pressure (she monitors it for me, because when it drops lower than the normal 90/60, I get dizzy and lightheaded) she strongly suggested I go to the Dr. and just have them check it out. Because she’s a wonderful nurse, and she works at the Clinic part time and knows her stuff, I agreed to go and she made me call from her office. 

Monday, November 12, 2007

By The Numbers......

Ten: 10 is roughly the number of trips we took across the street today with a large tarp full of leaves/pine needles. Across the street is a bit of land that turns into a steep drop off, and is owned by the town. We are able to send our biodegradable items over the edge, which is really handy when it comes to things like leaf disposal. Our trees generate a LOT of leaves. Normally, we would have the yard raked up by now. This has not been a normal year. Mr. Man raked up the pine needles in the back, and The Boy and I hauled them away and did the leaves.. and now the yard is nice and pretty again. Just in time for it to rain for the rest of the week. I do want to run the mower one last time, so I'm hoping for a mild day soon.. but the best I can see in the 10 day forecast is next Wednesday at 46 degrees and sunny. I have the day off. It might have to do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Thousand Thank Yous

" I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. " ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

She's Gone Country........

I don't like awards shows as a rule. I'm not interested in actors that star in shows that I don't watch. I have a hard time watching awards being given out for movies I haven't seen. I don't watch music videos. I don't care about soap operas. I used to watch just to see who was wearing what.. but I don't really care all that much about fashion and what's hot and what's not either.

Ya'll.. I love the Country Music Awards. I know the bands. I recognize the singers. I can sing along with the songs. This is my kind of show. I wasn't always a fan of country music. In fact, back in the day if you asked me what kind of music I liked, my standard response was "I like all kinds of music except rap and country music." (which wasn't entirely true either, I'm not a big fan of heavy metal either) My idea of country music was that old, twangy depressing kind of music. Because I had an unwritten bias against the whole genre, I failed to realize that country was "changing". Coming of "age" if you will.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Which We Find... Some Blogging!!

So, do you feel neglected yet??? My yard and my house do also. We've moved into the part of the year that I fondly call, "Too Effing Busy". Between school, and activities, plus it's time to get the town budget done which means The Boy has meetings on Tues and Thursdays until right before Christmas... and I am have marathon meetings about what we (my school) plan to do in order to increase our testing scores and make AYP in the next 2 years. So, (deep breath).. in between all that, is life and every day chaos. Plus, we have that "maybe serious and scary" thing to sort out which involves tests and appointments and consultations that really.. I don't have time for. (I'll be able to post about all this right before Thanksgiving when hopefully I'll have a clear picture and some answers).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or ......bah humbug!

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

I've never hidden from you my deep seated loathing of Halloween. I really do NOT like it one bit. However, I really enjoyed that website up there. Fun. Mindless. Clever. Check it out. I bought a TON of candy this year. I know.. I buy a ton ever year.. and I always run out. This year though.. I bought a TON. I'm determined not to run out. The Boy says if I gave just one piece to all the kids I'd be all set every year. But.. I dunno. I like to give them 2. Go figure. It's not the kids or the giving out of candy that I don't like.. so I figure why not.. it's Halloween after all. Besides, I know 89% of them from school.

Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Hodge Podge of Subjects

It's been a little crazy around here lately, hence the lack of blogging going on. Also, I have something kind of big that I'm having to deal with.. serious and maybe a little scary.. and I haven't much felt like blogging. I'll share when I have more information to share, but until then maybe you could send some good karma my way.

My cats however, are starting to get along. (like how I changed the topic?) I think that eventually they might be friends, but for now I'll settle for "sleeping near each other". Winter is coming soon (gasp, I still haven't bought the kids winter coats.. I'm getting no parenting points this year) and Bella isn't much a fan of the snow, so it will force her inside and she'll just have to deal with Bailey.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Musing on a Friday Evening

Ya'll still out there? This week has been crazy. Busy. Hectic. Exhausting. I am. So. Glad. It's. Over. It never fails to amaze me how some parts of the year drag on and on and on.. yet other parts of the year fly by in a quick blink of the eye. In regards to this craziness, I give you some random things to tide you over until a more normal blog post shows up.

Fall TV: I am so glad Men in Trees is back on. I didn't watch this show last year, except for maybe twice. I did however start watching during summer reruns, and I got hooked!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Letters on a Monday.. a Monday.. a Monday.....

Dear Red Sox,
I know that making it into the post season is a huge thing for you. It is a lot of stress, and hard work. I get that. But c'mon. Seriously?!? How about a win? For me? For the kids? For the hell of it? It's not too much to hope that if your team makes it into the playoffs that they will keep up the momentum and do a kick ass job and win some games. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. Besides, baseball is much better than football. I'm not ready to give it up yet. Ok, Rest up.... Thanks! One Believing Fan

To The Boy,
When you offered to make brownies with Ms. Thang for school tomorrow, I was relieved. I had to leave and go out. I had stuff to do when I got back. It was brownies for gawd sake, any monkey can follow directions and make brownies.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Random iPod

When you look into my eyes
And you see the crazy gypsy in my soul

It always comes as a surprise

When I feel my withered roots begin to grow

Well, I never had a place that I could call my very own

But that's alright, my love, 'cause you're my home

When you touch my weary head

And you tell me ev'rything will be alright

You say, use my body for your bed

And my love will keep you warm throughout the night

Saturday, October 13, 2007

In Which We Find.....

The latest day EVER that we've turned on the heat.

I know.. I post about this every year.. but I'm just amazed! We started living on our own in 1997. During the first 7 years.. October 1st was "turn on the heat day". Some years, it was a stretch to make it to October 1st. One year, it was so miserably cold I had to turn it on the 3rd week in September. In 2005, the heat didn't go on until October 12th, and I was grateful. It was the first year we didn't run out wood stove (it's older than me, and in bad shape) and I wasn't looking forward to how cold the house would be. We had some heating work done that year, and some new radiators installed in rooms that didn't previously have some.. and it wasn't too bad.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Apple a Day....

Saturday, after I took the kids pictures, we went apple picking. Each year we wait a little longer to go, so that it can "cool off".. and each of the past 3 years.. it has been unseasonably warm the day that we pick apples. Saturday was no different. It was in the low 80s still at 4pm when we headed off to the orchard.

This is our second year with this orchard (our old favorite orchard shut down operations a few years ago) and we enjoyed our trip. We picked a peck of apples and on Sunday I put my first batch of cinnamon applesauce into the Crockpot. Nothing says fall like the smell of applesauce simmering all day long.

This week has definitely been cooler than last, and I have a feeling there will be more apple baking going on this weekend. If I can just get through this week.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

* Isn't that a fabulous photo? I love it. I took the camera outside yesterday and did an impromptu photo shoot with my kids. I decided I wasn't shelling out $$ for school pics this year, and did my own. I am very pleased with how they turned out, and I like that I can just order the sizes I want. For MUCH cheaper. My favorite little 3 year old came outside when I was finishing up, and I took 2 photos of her with Ms. Thang.. and a gorgeous one of her by herself. So I order a few of her for her mom as well. The light was perfect for photos, and I just love how the sun shines down through this tree in late afternoon. Gorgeous. This is the maple tree that sits next to my driveway on the inside of the fence. It dumps a TON of leaves on the driveway and into the yard, but I don't care. It's worth it in my opinion. It hasn't been lost on me that we will have less leaves to rake this year since the loss of our tree over the summer. Speaking of that, I put down grass seed last weekend, and it's rained once since. Figures huh? but we have a chance of rain every day this week, so I guess that's alright. Hopefully some grass will grow somewhere.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm A Lousy Blogger

So I meant to come and blog about this Sunday. Then again on Monday, and then I was busy, and it seemed silly to blog about something so far away from when it happened. But I finally uploaded my photos onto my laptop today.. and I thought.. what the hell. So, here we go.

Sunday was one of those kind of days that just falls into place unexpectedly and leaves you feeling happy and content at the end of the day. The Boy said good morning to me after we woke up, and I said good morning back... and sound came out of my mouth! This was huge.. as I woke up Tuesday and had no voice. Typically when I lose my voice, it's for a day, day and a half tops. Never 4 full days. So I was a tad nervous, and also feeling quite lousy with the cold moving into my chest.. and it was very hard to work with a voice that would go no higher than a whisper.

Monday, October 01, 2007

In Which We Find.. A Contest, and a Plea

Dear lovely blog readers,

My knitting-romance-writing friend Rachael has an urgent plea which I have pasted below. Please make her LIFE for her by voting for her, and if you enjoy it, please pass this along! (she's a pretty darn good writer BTW.... if nothing else it's good reading).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Random Stuff.. on a Thursday

1. Bailey was spayed this week. Tuesday morning to be more exact. The Boy dropped her off on his way to work, and she stayed overnight and until yesterday afternoon on his way home from work. We've only had her here for 4 months, but in that short time she has become such an integrated part of our family. We all (well, I don't know about "Mr. I pretend I hate cats") missed her while she was gone. I was not here when she came back.. and it was so nice to come home from drumming yesterday and hear her jingling on her way to meet me at the door. She was quiet yesterday, and sore. She didn't mew once, and the kids were worried about that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CSI: Backyard

People... I can't make this stuff up. First it was the wack-job who drove the bulldozer into the Police Department. (still haven't heard what is to become of him) Now, today, we have another wack-job... who robbed our little bank. On a BIKE. We received notice as we were dismissing the kids at the end of the day, that the bank had been held up and the guy had fled on a bike. Being we are less than 1/2 a mile from the bank, and many of our kids walk home, some near the bank.. this was a concern. We held them for a few extra minutes, while my good friend drove down to the end of my road in her truck, and made sure the walking kids got to where they needed to be OK. There were about eleventy thousand police swarming around, so I don't think this was a concern. But alas.. it was the right thing to do.It made the kids feel better, and their parents I'm sure.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

random iPod.. and some therapy

Pray God you can cope. I stand outside this woman's work, This woman's world. Ooh, it's hard on the man, Now his part is over. Now starts the craft of the father.
Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Long time readers of my blog know that I love fall. I enjoy the cool days. The colors of the trees, the sky, the produce at the farm stand. I love putting on my sweaters, that get stored over the warm months. I love walking in the morning before school and seeing frost on the grass, and not feeling so hot and nasty when I get back. I love the smells of fall. Wood smoke, and warm crunchy leaves... things baking in the oven. My best colors to wear are fall colors. It was no surprise to me to find this out.. I feel at home in fall.

Friday, September 21, 2007

In Which We Find... a Miserable Cold

It was bound to happen sooner or later. One of the students I work with, a little girl who is learning delayed and suffers from ADD, came to school on Monday with a cold. Stuffy, tired, miserable... and managed to sneeze, in true little kid fashion all over me and out stuff. I of course disinfected the whole area at the end of the day... and she was out of school Tues, Wed and Thurs. Today, I woke up with her cold. Just in time for the weekend. I started out feeling.. "meh".. and as the day has progressed on it has just worsened. Blah.

So.. I give to you.. some vacation eye candy. Have a good weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Random Monday....

So, the Emmy's.. yah... didn't watch. I flipped through the major network channels at 9:00pm.. and didn't find them, so we watched some football and part of some movie and called it a night. Of course, I didn't think to check Fox. I hear that the dresses this year were decent, but the hair.. oh my the hair. That's the only reason I watch anyhow... I like to see what everyone is wearing/how they look etc. Maybe that makes me shallow. Maybe it means I don't care that much about Tee-Vee to have to watch award shows.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Will Never Forget

It seems sometimes, that there are so many things to complain about. The traffic, the weather, the person at work who pissed us off, the mess the kids left in the middle of the room, bad hair days, too many bills, not enough time.... and the list goes on and on. It's become almost second nature in our country to just complain. I know I am as guilty of this as anyone. (you do read my blog, you know it's true).

Today though, today seems like a day that should be set aside to be grateful. A day to quietly reflect on the good things....the parts of our lives that are happy and full of joy. On a day that is solemn and sad... looking at the the positive might help to counter-balance the rest. Not to forget it.. just to keep focused on why it should be remembered. So, here's my list. The abridged version.

Monday, September 10, 2007

In Which We Find... Some Needed Prayers

Sometimes, you get good news and things go your way and everything is cheery and happy. Other times, life kicks your arse and leaves you hanging in the lurch, groping for some thread.. some tiny piece of something that you can grab onto and hang on like your life depended on it.

Last night, at apx. 11:30, my brother's best friends baby sister, whom I've known for a long, long time gave birth to her first baby. A lovely little girl whom has been anxiously and impatiently been waited for.

Friday, September 07, 2007

What a Stink......

We have a rule at my house. You get your dumb arse sprayed by a skunk.. you sleep in the barn. We have 2 old Army Cots out in the loft, reserved just for this purpose. The kids used to think it was a joke...until the last time they actually asked, "Where would we sleep in the barn?" and I told them they'd be lounging on a musty cot until the stink went away. In fact, we've had this rule longer than the barn.. because we had a cat in the city that got herself sprayed and we made her sleep outside. She stayed out until I went out the door and didn't smell the skunk on the porch (that was were she slept, under the porch). We have had our dog for 5 full years. She is 6 years, 4 mos old and we are going on our 6th year with her living with us. She has never been sprayed by a skunk.

Until tonight.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In Which We Find Some Knitting...

If you came here thinking this post was going to be about me knitting.. I'm sorry to disappoint you. The start of a new school year is always crazy and exhausting, and I haven't picked up my needles since I was on vacation. I do have some knitty things to share however, to end my vacation postings. This is a knitting display that was in a Servants room at Castle In the Clouds. I doubt the total authenticity of it, as the needles are far to fat to have created such fine details with that yarn shown, but I loved walking into the room and seeing it sitting on the rocking chair. Brings you back to a time when knitting was a necessity, not a hobby.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Would You Like a Side of Crazy With That?!?!

I am interrupting my vacation posts.. with the most absurd story I will EVER be able to share in my whole entire life. Follow me if you will. My house, is next door to the Town Hall, and right behind that is the Police Station/Ambulance Barn. Next to my yard, is an access driveway for the cops/ambulance to use to get in so they don't crash into people coming out. On that same side of the house, is my bedroom. It occupies the entire half of the top floor, the long way. It used to be 2 rooms, and someone took out a wall once. In the front corner, is our bed. It sits in the corner, and there are windows on both sides. Ok, now that you know that....

Around 12:30 am we were rudely awoken out of our slumber my the weirdest noise. It sounded to me like a tank, but my half asleep brain knew that it couldn't be. It's not unusual for loud trucks/things to wake us up, usually I identify the noise, and go right back to sleep. This noise got louder, and louder.. then there was an awful loud slam as he dropped the bucket back to the ground. The Boy looked out the window, and leaped out of bed and called 911. Turns out, some idiot was about to drive a BULLDOZER into our Police Station. No, I'm serious. You can read about it here. People, I couldn't make stuff like this up. Play the video.. that's my fence on the side.

I stood there, and watched as he backed up and slammed into the building 3 times. Then it seemed like his dozer got stuck, and the police showed up and took the situation under control. It was all over by 12:45 and they had him on his way to jail. Of course, the cleanup crew/Fire Dept/other local cops stayed ALL night and worked on cleaning up the mess. The whole front of the building where the Police are located is gone. Like a sardine can that was opened and the insides exposed. As witnesses we have talked to the State Police, and I skipped the chance to be on WMUR news this morning. I didn't feel I could offer them anymore than the cops had already told them. It was surreal to watch the whole thing. I knew what I was seeing.. and hearing.. but I couldn't really believe it.

How was your day?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Doggone Good Time Was Had by All

One of the best things about our vacation house, was the huge gate we put up across the stairs to the deck. This way Cassie, our 1/2 Irish Setter 1/2 Chocolate Lab could come in and out of the house.. to the deck.. as she pleased. This tickled her to death. She watched the birds. She watched the kids. She slept, a LOT. She likes to be outside, but because she spent her first months living outside around a lake (she was abandoned, and 4 mos old when we got her).. that wild spirit has never left her. She turned 6 in April, and we've yet to break her of the urge to get outside and just take off. She's not a good walking on a leash dog, but we make her anyhow. So for her to be outside, and not tied up, was awesome for both her and us. Seeing her have such a good time, made me forget how much I wanted to take her out back and drown her the first few days.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Boat Ride That Wasn't...

Wednesday was a bit warmer, and sunnier. The kids were dying to take the raft out on the lake, so we loaded it up on to the top of our van and headed to the boat launch. We decided who was going to sit where, how we were going to balance out our weight, and who was going to row (The Boy wanted too) and got ready to push off. The kids and I decided we didn't want our sandals and left them on the shore. My Boy won't take his shoes off unless necessary, and his sandals go in the water on his feet. He doesn't care how it feels having wet shoes on, his "baby soft" feet aren't taking any chances.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In Which We Find.. A Shopping Trip

*Today's footnote: Our school failed to meet AYP (again).. we just got the results from last years testing today. So now, because we failed to meet it last year (remember; "poor kids are dumb".. though this year it wasn't our socioeconomic disadvantage, our special ed. population didn't do that great on the test in reading. Umm... they come to see us, because they have trouble or can't read. Yet we have to make them take the state test, and we can't offer any assistance on the reading part (we can read the language/math part to them). Hello?! If you go back and read that rant I wrote that day back in June 06... you'll see just why those kids didn't make it. *sigh*)

To take my mind of this bit of depressing news, which I just received notice of a few minutes ago, I have Maine to share with you. Having gone away on vacation the last week of summer, I needed to make sure we had our ducks in a row regarding back to school. Just the words send a shiver down my spine. Because both of my kids grew (A LOT.. Mr. Man grew 6.5 inches in the past year and a half) like weeds this year, they both needed pants. We decided that while we were in the lakes, and just 1 hour and 5 minutes away from Kittery, Maine.. we'd take a day and do back to school shopping. I ordered new backpacks before we left, and had already gone shoe shopping (for the kids). We had notebooks and binders and all that jazz. It was a good plan.

Monday, August 27, 2007

There is a Castle In the Clouds...

*footnote... our staff retreat day this year.. much better than last year. And we were back in our normal retreat place, which was nice.

So anyway, back to the post. Monday was slated to be the coolest day of our vacation. We had decided (but not told the kids) that while we were up there we'd go visit the Castle In the Clouds. It was about 45 minutes away from where we were staying, and neither of us had ever been there. If nothing else, we figured we'd get some good hiking in, enjoy the views and get out of the cabin for the afternoon. Before lunch we took the dog for some playing in the lake.. had lunch and then headed out.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Which The Summer Comes To An End.....

To ease the pain of having to go back to work tomorrow, I will share my vacation over the next week in multiple posts. I still hold firm to the belief, that the best part of vacation is coming home. Aside from the mountain of laundry I had to do today, and all the other "coming home" things.. it really is great to be back. We had a great trip, despite it being the coldest August weather in the history of the state. I blame The Boy. We go camping, it's chilly.. no matter what month it is. We go away on vacation.. it's cold every day but the last. The day we came home, yesterday.. hottest day all summer. It was 98 when we went out to the market yesterday afternoon. Crazy!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Which We Find A Few Letters ....

Dear L,
When I knit you the fluffy sweater 3 years ago before your birth, I never dreamed that it would become your "woobie". I was a newish knitter, and the patten was simple and the yarn was big and so were the needles. I loved when you used to wear it, and it warms my heart that you loved it so much that you drag that thing everywhere. While you were gone in Mexico with your mama, I crocheted you a poncho out of a similar "fluffy" yarn. Your daddy laughed and told me nothing would get you to stop dragging "that ratty sweater (huff!)"around, but that's not my intent. I want you to have something fluffy and soft to wear that would fit you. I can't have my favorite 3 year old walking around with a too small sweater on her. This is so you can still carry the other sweater, and have one to wear. I picked a color that will match your beautiful dark hair, and I can't wait for you to have it, so it will be in my kitchen while we are gone. I've left a note for your daddy to bring it home. I hope you enjoy it and I'll see you when we get back.
Love, B

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Candy and a Busy Day

Somehow it got to be Friday, although how that happened I'm not sure. We are leaving this weekend on vacation and I've been busy doing those last minute things that I would normally be doing anyhow... plus a million more. Today has been a "charge the batteries/mow the lawn/paint Ms. Thangs bedroom window (I know... but we had it re-glassed and I had to wait for the stuff to dry enough to paint).. pack.. do this .. do that. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with shopping/packing stuff and so I'm trying to spread out the crazy. Forget that we come back next Saturday, and I go back to school Monday and the kids Wednesday. So yesterday after my appointment we went and did shoe shopping and stuff. Did I mention it's been crazy?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Far We've Come

One perfect rose. After 12 years, he knew that one perfect rose would make me happier than any dozen ever would. We don't really "celebrate" our anniversary so much. Usually we just go out to dinner, alone, and exchange cards and it's enough for us. Last year he surprised me with my favorite Red Sox stadium blanket when we went camping over our anniversary weekend. It was cold that weekend and a better gift was never had. This year we decided that in light of our upcoming vacation next week we'd forgo the celebrations and just exchange cards.

Imagine my surprise on Monday when he came home with a beautiful rose. It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years already. Some days it seems like we were married only yesterday. Other days it seems like he has been in my life since day one, how can it only have been 14 years? How did I ever manage without him? I still amazes me how love works.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Up for a Little Challenge?

Create your own "I AM" poem here, and then share it on your blog. Here's mine:

I Am
I am strong and beautiful
I wonder how differently things might have turned out
I hear the whispers from my past
I see the images, that have yet to fade with time
I want to be at peace with myself
I am strong and beautiful

Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Which... I had Enough!

On Friday, June 22nd.. I posted the photos of my daughter's bedroom that I had just finished painting. We started working on her bedroom (this phase) during April vacation (last full week of April) and I finished painting at the end of June. 2 months of back breaking work getting those walls repaired and prepped and new trim and blah blah blah. On Saturday June 23rd, the person who is going to sand and seal her floor came and gave us a quote and an estimate. He said it would be about a month. I, having just spent months painting.. and we won't talk about all the time spent prior to this working on the room to get it to here... wanted it done sooner. Like yesterday.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eye Candy Friday (a few minutes late)

The other day, after they whacked down my poor Maple tree and mucked up my hedges, I found myself outside in the yard. I was wandering around a bit, taking stock of the situation. I wandered over and checked out my flower garden. I was walking back into the house, and just realizing that I had put the gate across the inside of the porch door, when I came face to face with the biggest humming bird I've ever seen. I was literally 2-3 feet away from it. I quietly moved back, and then ran around the front, in the door and grabbed the camera. My kind of luck would usually have the hummingbird long gone by the time I got back. Not that day.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random iPod

I see her as a little girl hiding in her room
She takes another bath and she sprays her momma's perfume
To try to wipe away the scent he left behind
But it haunts her mind.

You see she's his little rag, nothing more than just a waif
And he's mopping up his need, she is tired and afraid
Maybe she'll find a way through these awful years to disappear.