Saturday, February 28, 2009

Real Food Rots

A while ago I was listening to the radio, or watching something on TV.. in fact it might have been a stand up comedian, and he was talking about the crap we eat and how most of the stuff people put into their bodies is, in his opinion, "edible food like substances." He want on to talk about real food, and made a statement that has stuck into my brain since that time. "Real Food Rots." Something so simple, and yet so incredibly profound. I know that I am just as guilty as everyone else of eating junk. Processed food. Boxed cereals (although I do eat Healthy Start which is supposed to be good for you). Nacho chips and jarred salsa. Bottled salad dressing. I like to put 2 sugars and 2 spoons of non-dairy creamer (full fat, thanks) in my coffee. I have a weakness for Tootsie Rolls. I like to have a beer with dinner a few nights a week. The list goes on and on. Does any of this make me a bad person? Certainly not.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Welcome Break From Winter

Back at the end of the year, over our very long and snowy Christmas break, I decided that one of the things I wanted to do in 2009 was take a family outing every month. Go somewhere that we've either never been, or really love. January was a hard month, as my Grandma passed away and life was busy, but we did get to my brother S's house for a bash for our brother B's 30th birthday. That was fun and we counted that as our outing but decided we'd add another one into a different month. I decided at that same time.. that in February, during winter break I wanted to go to Magic Wings.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hey Mista.. Throw Me Some Beads!

Last year, about this time... or maybe a few months past this time (it was a long time ago, cut me a break) I received in the mail a huge, heavy box. It was jam-packed full of Mardi-Gras beads from Sgt, (who hasn't blogged in a year) and not the fake kind either. Honest to God beads from Mardi-Gras. I waited all year long to wear as many as I could stand the weight of, to discover that Mardi-Gras falls during winter break this year. I'm so OK with that. My brother S is coming over on Tuesday and I fully plan to wear some beads and give him some to wear also. Why the heck not right? If I were more ambitious, I'd have planned on a Kings Cake, but I wasn't sure if he was coming on Tuesday or Wednesday. Someday in my life I'd actually like to go to Mardi-Gras, but I'm a bit weary of large crowds and not sure how that'd go over.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give A Little Bit......

Knitting for babies is very rewarding. Babies are small and they don't care what they wear. Therefore you can make fun and quirky things, and unless the parents violently object, it's all OK. Because babies are small, their clothes/accessories are small also. Small equals fast and gratifying knitting projects. It doesn't take too long to whip up a sweater or a hat or a pair of booties. What's not to like? My SIL chose a pink/brown theme for the nursery, and so I created the blanket in a pink/brown color that H insisted would match perfectly when she first saw it.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Observations on High School....

Or How Is This Even Possible?

Last night I attended an 8th grade parent information night. I knew it was coming, I've had it on my calendar for about a month and a half now. I read the little blurb about 'information for next year' that came home and didn't give it much more thought. The other day I was asking my friend and coworker who's daughter is also in Mr. Man's class if she was going to the meeting and another coworker/friend of ours asked what it was about. Before I could reply, she answered, 'It's about our kids starting High School next year.' UMMMMMMMMM... WHAT?! That was the extent of my reaction. I knew he was going into 9th grade. I knew 9th grade was high school. In my brain I knew all of this.. but it didn't hit me until the other day. My son is starting High School. Are you kidding me?!?!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Notes To Myself

you are safe
take yourself less seriously
you are enough
be messy
you are beautiful
let yourself be
you are able
play matters
it is your turn
you matter

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Nice Surprise....

I meant to come and post some knitting projects here... of the small and pinkish variety. Instead, a package showed up in my mailbox from Japan today and I came to show off my presents. Becca had a contest eleventy billion years ago (or maybe a few months) and said she'd send an honest to goodness Japanese prize to whomever guessed the next duty station she was going to with her husband. Remarkably, I won! :) She just left Japan last week and is safe at home in Chicago visiting family before heading off to England by herself to find them living quarters while he goes on a solo tour without her.