Saturday, March 29, 2008

Be Kind To Your Mother

Each of us, if we all work together for a greater good, can make a difference. Tonight, at 8pm (your time).... shut out your lights for Earth Hour. The mystical "global warming" we all joked about when I was a child is a scary reality in my adult life. Last year more than 2 million businesses and homes in Sydney Australia turned their lights out for one hour. This year, it goes world wide. Will it make a huge different in our global footprint? No. But you have to start somewhere. You may not want to bring your own bags to the grocery, or switch to a more efficient car or heating source. But for one hour, tonight, you can shut your lights off and be part of something bigger. At my house, we are going to play Scrabble by candlelight.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful.....

This has been the snowiest winter in NH in 100 years. We broke an old record today, when mother nature played a cruel joke and dumped 8 inches of wet, heavy, heart attack snow on us at this late date in the season. My phone rang at 5:15, and I panicked, thinking something awful happened.. and it was just my snow tree person calling to announce that school was closed. If I could've kissed her through the phone I would have. I haven't been feeling great this week, and have been working regardless.. and I really am happy to have had the day off. I had to go out with my shovel and knock the snow off my hedges because the weight of all that wet snow was bending them in half. We lost a huge branch off one of the giant pine trees in the back, that barely missed hitting the barn. I think this summer we are going to get a quote on taking the 3 trees out. Last year we had a similar incident and I'm about done with the pine needles anyhow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Some miserable person gave me their cold, and today I feel like crap warmed over. It's not in full swing yet, so either I'll feel more lousy as the day goes on, or tomorrows going to suck eggs. I've been up since 7, and already I've had to cut The Boy's hair, argue with my stepmother about why we aren't going to visit them in FL this year so they can take the kids to Disney... because really, I mean, aren't I just the worst parent in the entire world? So because I refuse to go in the summer when it's a million degrees, and she can't understand that we have 3 weeks of vacation built into the school calendar and no I can't just take a week off in the fall.. we might just go during February break next year and get her off my effing back. I'm exhausted. All I want to do is put my jammies back on, get my blanket and go back to sleep. Instead, in a few minutes I have to get in the car and drive an hour and a half to see my in-laws, knowing full well that my MIL is pissed off at me for standing my ground and that the day isn't going to be enjoyable. (sigh) Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal...

So today is the first day of spring. The first full day of spring isn't actually until tomorrow, but today is the "official start date". In true NH style, we rang in the day with grey skies, high winds, whipping rains, and snow. Welcome to spring, that will be a $1.25 thank you. Spring doesn't ever really get to my house until May, and even so, some years it skips us entirely. I keep reminding my coworkers that we get generally get a blizzard every year in March or April, and we haven't had ours yet this year. They can ignore me all they want, I'm not putting my shovels away yet.

Tuesday at school, I noticed 2 yellow crocus peeking out of the dark, muddy ground. I stopped all the kids and had them all look as they went in from recess. Nothing makes your heart sing after a long, tiring winter like the first flowers of the year.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Broken

I'm falling apart... I'm barely breathing................"
Dudes. This song has become my theme song for this year.I have blocked out what last year's theme song was, but I suspect it was "I just can't seem to get it right today". I'm being pulled in eleventy billion directions, I have too much on my plate, and I've had a headache since last Thursday. If I said I didn't think it was stress related, I'd be a dirty rotten liar.I feel like this poor bird that was outside my window Saturday, all puffed up to stay warmer in the rain. Meghan tagged me to do a blog meemee and I'm not feeling up to the task, so because I feel so horrible and defeated right now, I'm going to give you:

10 things I rock at. In no particular order

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Who's Hoggin' All the Daylight?

Holy Crap ya'll.. when the hell did it get to be March?? And how did we find ourselves almost half-way done with March, and turning clocks back already?!?! It's been a little crazy over here, what with the snow that won't quit (check out that snowbank in the window.. that's my porch out there, and the snow is up past the porch window. If you've never been to my house.. it's a pretty big few steps down from my house to the ground under that window).. and school and kid things and then The Boy went and got his-self a cold. I'm tired just writing about it all. Or that could be because we've effed with the time, and I'm all out of sorts. It will take me a few days to adjust to this whole time difference thing, but I am totally loving that it was still light out at 6:30 today. Boo-Yah!