Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pass the Slouch Socks Please...

My friend Lars sent me a link to Cracked.com's list of Ten Most Terrifyingly Inspirational Songs from the 80's. Yes, we are Gen X'ers. We spent our formative years in the 80's and graduated in the early 90's. We wore side pony tails, and bangles up our arms and leg warmers and we were proud and happy dammit! I had a good time going through the list, and each video I played, The Boy would holler out who the band was, so proud of himself (although he got hung up on Pat Benatar and missed a few after that). It's amazing how many of the songs on that list were tied to movies that I loved back then. Karate Kid, The Legend of Billy Jean, Footloose, Top Gun (which I still have to stop and watch every time I find it in the TV lineup)...

I don't think however they these were *my* most inspirational songs from the 80's. So I give them to you, in no particular order:

Monday, November 26, 2007

What Color is the Sky in YOUR World?

(or, Things that are peeving me right now, in no particular order)

* How did Rachel Ray, the queen of " delish" become the voice of Dunkin Donuts? The TV show, I get.. the cookware, I get... but since when is my favorite coffee YUM-O?! Don't get me wrong, I like her well enough. I bought one of her cookbooks (365 meals or whatever the heck it's called).. and I enjoy it. Ms. Thang, who's aspiring to be a chef and spends a LOT of her TV time watching The Food Network, is pretty lukewarm about her. There are far better chefs on TV, don't you know mom? Anyhow.. the commercials are ticking me off.. less is more, right Rachel?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Heart of the Matter.......

Most of you don’t know that I have been undergoing a series of tests on my heart over the past 4 weeks. I went to the school nurse the week before Halloween complaining of some “heart burn”, and to get some TUMS and she asked if she could have a listen to my heart (the discomfort was right in the middle of my chest). After a few minutes of listening, she expressed concern that my heart was beating irregularly. I shrugged it off, telling her I knew that my heart beat irregularly, and she questioned how I knew this. I went on to tell her that 6 years ago, right before we moved here, my OB-GYN expressed some concern about an irregular heart beat and I had an EKG right in her office and it was fine. I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought since then.
Because of the discomfort, and the irregular beat, and my low blood pressure (she monitors it for me, because when it drops lower than the normal 90/60, I get dizzy and lightheaded) she strongly suggested I go to the Dr. and just have them check it out. Because she’s a wonderful nurse, and she works at the Clinic part time and knows her stuff, I agreed to go and she made me call from her office. 

Monday, November 12, 2007

By The Numbers......

Ten: 10 is roughly the number of trips we took across the street today with a large tarp full of leaves/pine needles. Across the street is a bit of land that turns into a steep drop off, and is owned by the town. We are able to send our biodegradable items over the edge, which is really handy when it comes to things like leaf disposal. Our trees generate a LOT of leaves. Normally, we would have the yard raked up by now. This has not been a normal year. Mr. Man raked up the pine needles in the back, and The Boy and I hauled them away and did the leaves.. and now the yard is nice and pretty again. Just in time for it to rain for the rest of the week. I do want to run the mower one last time, so I'm hoping for a mild day soon.. but the best I can see in the 10 day forecast is next Wednesday at 46 degrees and sunny. I have the day off. It might have to do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Thousand Thank Yous

" I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. " ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

She's Gone Country........

I don't like awards shows as a rule. I'm not interested in actors that star in shows that I don't watch. I have a hard time watching awards being given out for movies I haven't seen. I don't watch music videos. I don't care about soap operas. I used to watch just to see who was wearing what.. but I don't really care all that much about fashion and what's hot and what's not either.

Ya'll.. I love the Country Music Awards. I know the bands. I recognize the singers. I can sing along with the songs. This is my kind of show. I wasn't always a fan of country music. In fact, back in the day if you asked me what kind of music I liked, my standard response was "I like all kinds of music except rap and country music." (which wasn't entirely true either, I'm not a big fan of heavy metal either) My idea of country music was that old, twangy depressing kind of music. Because I had an unwritten bias against the whole genre, I failed to realize that country was "changing". Coming of "age" if you will.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Which We Find... Some Blogging!!

So, do you feel neglected yet??? My yard and my house do also. We've moved into the part of the year that I fondly call, "Too Effing Busy". Between school, and activities, plus it's time to get the town budget done which means The Boy has meetings on Tues and Thursdays until right before Christmas... and I am have marathon meetings about what we (my school) plan to do in order to increase our testing scores and make AYP in the next 2 years. So, (deep breath).. in between all that, is life and every day chaos. Plus, we have that "maybe serious and scary" thing to sort out which involves tests and appointments and consultations that really.. I don't have time for. (I'll be able to post about all this right before Thanksgiving when hopefully I'll have a clear picture and some answers).