Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Singing in the Rain

On a lighter note.. I have some other things to share, and haven't gotten to. During March, Ms. Thang performed in the HS musical "Singing in the Rain." This year we had two seniors who fit the lead male roles to a perfect tee, and the show was FANTASTIC! I'm pretty sure they picked this show just for them, and we will certainly miss them after they graduate. They have brought so much to the productions over the past bunch of years, but as they say, the show must go on! In the meantime, they entertained us to no end with their tap-dancing and singing across the stage in parts that could've been written just for them. Every year I am amazed at the talent that is presented before us during these productions. The MRHS Performing Arts Department is nothing less than spectacular and they really put on a good show. I told The Boy™ that I plan on attending them even after the kids graduate.
She didn't want a lead part this year, and so she was part of the chorus, and had a very visible supporting role. On top of that she had a line in the show that she had to ask me to explain to her because it used some slang from the era that none of the kids understood which I thought was hysterically funny. She sold herself short however, because she told us, "Oh, I only have a minor part" and she was right there in the thick of it all throughout the entire show. I thought it was neat that they used mostly the same set this year, and stayed in pretty much the same costumes. It was similar to CATS in that manor, but they used part of the audience seats and the pull down screen which was really cool and so a few times during the show, the cats walked into the audience and had a seat to watch the "movie" that was being made. It was all very clever.

 Having only ever seen it once before, when we Net-flixed it after she auditioned for it, we enjoyed it very much. It was nice to watch a show that was still sort of "new" and unknown and the kids did a fantastic job with it. She is a show junkie, and the week after the show ended she tried out for what they call the "straight play", which means it's not a musical, and will be performing in "Lend me a Tenor" in early May. She has a natural talent for singing and performing and I admire her for being able to get up on that stage in front of everyone. She's been doing it since elementary school, and each time I can tell that it gets a little easier for her and she feels a little bit more comfortable up there. We are so very proud of her.

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