Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

I finished my job at the blueberry farm on Friday August 24th, and was due to be back at work for school on Monday, August 27th. My plan was to bust my rump all day Saturday getting through the "things that must be done" list, so that Sunday I could spend the whole day with my family, whom I hadn't seen much of all summer. I held up my end of the deal, the rest of them fell short on their end. On Sunday morning, I threw some things in my hiking bag, and headed out early alone for my first hike of the summer. Or, maybe, as it might be better suited to think of, the first hike of the fall. Having never hiked alone, I discovered that I liked being able to set my own pace, which was quicker than when I hike  with others. Not a single other person was out on the mountain that morning, and I didn't have to speak to anyone until I passed some people on my down back near the sign that points towards the parking area. It was lovely.

I just read back over my summer goals list, and realized, like much of this year, they were a bust. We did get to a Swamp Bats game early in July. We took Ash and her friend E, whom I don't think really watched the game, but that's OK, because I did and it was pretty damn good. Following the game was the cities 4th of July fireworks celebration which was fantastic, as usual. I'm sad that we never went to the Drive-In, before they switch over how they play their movies, but we did go see Brave, which was just awesome, even if it was in 3-D. I'm not a huge movie go-er, and I hate that sometimes you HAVE to see movies in 3-D, but Brave was truly a great movie. The night before Ash's birthday E slept over, and we had birthday chocolate fondue instead of cake, and then the next day we headed to the Beach. We had a lovely time, and it was great to be at the ocean instead of at work (I took the day off). The rest of the list, well, it was a long summer at work, and The Boy™ and I are still working through our issues.

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