Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ooooh Laaa Laaa

Well.. my first post with Blogger. Is there anything worth posting about at this exact moment? No. My previous blog spot won't work with my Mac. Their loss as far as I'm concerned. I'll take my Granny Smith elsewhere.

Tommorow we are going to visit my SIL. She lives in our old stomping grounds now, so I wax nostalgic every time we head out that way. I'm not looking forward to tommorow however.

It's the annual St. Patty's day parade. They close the main road we have to travel across to get to her humble abode. Which not only entails a long round about way... it also jams up the city with people and floats and mahem.

Oh, and did I mention that my MIL invited herself over also? But I haven't seen my FIL in a while and I miss him, so it's all good. Think I'll make the DH drive, and bring my knitting. I heard it might snow.

Happy Spring.

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