Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Letters on A Wednesday

Dear Headache that is threatening to suck the life right out of me,

You have overstayed your welcome. I looked at the calendar, and you are too early. You have no business being here right now, so please go away. I can do without the nausea, the exhaustion, the light/sound issues. All of it. Come back in a few weeks, would you? Or, better yet... don't come back at all.

Crankily yours, B

Dear Idiots Who Are In Charge of making sure I don't fall and break my neck on my way to work,

You suck. Normally, when it's icy and it rains... it creates a rather disastrous mess. See the thing about ice, is once it gets wet... it become a nightmare to navigate over. Rubber soled shoes, plus wet slippery ice equates for a miserable me. Would it have killed you to get out early and maybe throw some sand down on the same sidewalk that all those kids have to travel down? I realize that we didn't get a delay and maybe it was too early and you were in bed. But c'mon now. Work with me.

Dear Weather Dudes,

I am tired as all hell of winter. Please stop predicting storms for our area. I don't want more snow. I am tired of shoveling. I am especially tired of shoveling out the fire hydrant, just to have the asshole highway department come by with the plow and bury the damn thing back up. I am tired of the cold. I am tired of my hands being so chapped and cracked and bleeding. I want to walk before school again. I want the sun to shine warm on my face. I want this winter to end. I don't want to hear about another storm headed our way. I don't want to hear about winter weather alerts and storm watch updates. Bring me spring please.


ps. these little bibs started out as a watermelon sweater (I named it that because the colors remind me of a watermelon.. they are much better in "non-winter grey light") that wasn't working out. I bought the book "One Skein" with a gift card I got from my brother and couldn't resist making these bibs. They are for the gift closet. I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn, and am making a set of matching washcloths. Too cute.


tspwlv said...

First off, the bibs are freaking adorable. Second, it's in short supply but I'd gladly share some of our sunshine with you. Big hugs.

Felicia McB said...

those bibs are SO SO CUTE! love them.
and I totally agree with your letter to the weather guys, enough of this cold stinky weather, bring on the sunshine!