Saturday, January 26, 2008

Take a Minute... or Five.. or Ten

Mr. Man took the boy, and left with our neighbor early this morning for a "man's day" filled with testosterone and other manly things. Ms. Thang and I went out and did some errands after they left. She is such a lovely person to shop with. She wants to push the cart... she loves to pick out produce... and most of all, she doesn't complain one bit. After we got back, and put away all the groceries and stuff... we had lunch and I was just about to embark upon me long "to-do" list for the day, when she asked if she could have some hot cocoa. I said she could, and then she asked if I wanted to have some with her. We could have that cool mint kind we picked up at Target. (I really wanted raspberry, but it didn't come in a tin).

So I got the coca out, turned it over, and realized there was more to this than I had planned. Heat milk on stove until hot but not a boil. Stir. Enjoy. So I got the pot out, added the milk, and waited. I did 1/2 the things on my list in between stirs and checks on the milk. I got it ready in our mugs, and was about to leave mine on the counter and do some more stuff in between sips when I changed my mind. My word this year is pause. I decided instead to open the packet Kraftmaid sent me in the mail today, and look at new counter options while I drank my cocoa. Really sit and enjoy it. It was nice to thumb through the catalouge and think about how I'd like my kitchen to look. I notice that in that first photo, it doesn't look half bad! What is missing in the photo however is the old floor that is coming up, the raw walls that were never painted.. the cabinets that were installed during the remodel that never was finished in 1983 and now are being held together by gorilla glue because I swear every other week another one falls apart... the missing counters (lucky for us I had a few extra tables to spare)... the old wood stove that is going to come out and free up some room. I have big dreams for our kitchen. Step one, is coming up with a plan. I'm on my way.


Meghan said...

I for one, love your kitchen!

Awesome Abby said...

Daughters are wonderful, aren't they!?!? Everyone needs at least one.