Sunday, June 07, 2009

Garden 2009

I have been sorely neglecting my poor blog lately.. and I'm sorry. I have been so stinking busy, that it's just been easier to check Facebook, then to come and do a lengthy blog post at the end of an exhausting day. In case you are keeping track, 2.5 more weeks and school is over. T-minus 21 days until the big graduation party. No, I'm not ready. thanks for asking! But, the fence is done (blog post about this later.. actually.. it will take more than 1..).. the entire upstairs has been spring cleaned and I think.. just maybe.. we'll make it.

In between all this mayhem, and a miserable cold to boot.. I put in my garden. Part of the fence project was moving the kids playhouse from next to my garden, to the back corner of the yard where the sandbox lived until this spring. It opened the yard up so much.. it makes me wish we did it years ago.. the kids haven't used that sandbox in ages. Once the playhouse was moved, we added another garden box. Having 3 boxes instead of 2 .. was so much fun to plan! I planted all the usual culprits: tomatoes, cukes, peppers, peas etc.. but I also added many more seed plants this year, such as carrots, green beans, radishes, green onions and lettuce!

One of the issues with the raised bed gardens, has been keeping Bella from using them as a huge litter box. After exploring our options, we decided it was best to just put a fence around the whole thing. The Boy went to Home Depot and got the fence stuff, and I shoveled out the grass surrounding the three boxes. David offered wood chips to put around the boxes and I happily accepted and I'm quite tickled with how it came out. In the midst of a miserable cold.. I thought that I would be able to climb over a 3 foot fence to get in, and then realized quickly that was impossible.. and cleverly (if I do say so myself) created a "gate" out of the last of the fence wire.

I had a few extra plants left after I put in the garden over Memorial Day weekend.. and they've lived on the porch until today. Down next to the part of the fence in-between our house and the neighbors, where it's mostly been just weeds.. I decided I was going to put in a flower garden. David moved some granite posts that marked our property on the other side of the old fence, but were going to be in the way of the new fence, and lay them down where I asked with his back hoe. I decided I wasn't putting in a flower garden until next year, but would dig out the weeds and get it ready this year.. and put the extra vegetable plants down there. I also put in 2 hills of sugar pumpkins, and 1 hill of bird house gourds. Mr. Man lent me some of his seeds he picked up in Washington D.C., and we'll see what happens. Digging out that garden was a LOT of work, but I'm glad it's finished and I think it's going to be fantastic.

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