Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Which We Find A Few Endings....

:: blows dust off the ole' blog::

Been awhile eh? I have so many things to share with you.. stories and photos.. but they will all have to wait until next week. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and then I have a family cookout to get ready for on Sunday.. and on Monday I can kick back and relax. I hope the god's have a good weather day in store for Monday because this rain is starting to make me cranky.
I do want to share with you however.. how proud I am of both of my children. It's been a busy week here at chez not enough time to breath... and Mr. Man and Ms. Thang have both graduated and are moving up in their academic careers.

Yesterday we sat and watched as Ashley got up in front of not only her whole class, but their families and about 4 other classes in our school and gave the opening speech at graduation. She talked about her experiences at our school.. memories and teachers from each grade, what she learned, what it meant to her and ended with saying how much she'll miss our school. It was beautiful and she did a fantastic job. She also received an award for perfect attendance in band, which is given for showing up every week and having your instrument, and honor roll. I am going to miss walking to school with her every day next year and can hardly believe she's ready for middle school.

Tonight we sat and watched as Corey got up in front of his entire class and received 2 academic achievement awards for having the highest grade for the year in both math and science on his team (the grade was split in 2 teams)... and he received an academic excellence award for having a GPA between 94-97% for both 7th and 8th grades combined. We are extremely proud of him and I can't even get into how he's going to be starting High School in the fall, because quite frankly I don't know how that can even be possible. I think I need a lie down. Or a beer.

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