Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Which We Find... Tall Ships!

I came back from a meeting Thursday night, to The Boy asking if I wanted to go to Boston on Saturday to see the Tall Ships. With his parents. I love Boston, and I have always wanted to see the tall ships.. so I figured what the heck and agreed to go. We called them back and it turns out my MIL had an apt that morning and blah blah.. so we decided we'd go down early, have lunch and meet up with them in the afternoon.

Saturday was a gorgeous day! There were people out in Boston in DROVES. One women who was waiting in line behind me to use the bathroom in Quincy Market commented to the women behind her (they were both from out of state) that she overheard it was the first nice stretch of weather.. and I piped up with IN MONTHS! I told them how cold and rainy it's been and I wasn't surprised at all the people out and about, because we all have cabin fever. They both laughed and then proceeded to tell me about how gorgeous it's been where they live.

So anyhow.. we started out in South Boston, at the World Trade Center pier, where they were just getting ready to open the ships to the public. It was right before noon, and the Charleston Navy yard had been open since 10am, but we wanted to go there with my IL's, so we started elsewhere. We walked around, enjoyed the ships but not so much the people, and headed to Quincy Market for lunch. We decided to go to Dick's Last Resort (they have burgers for the kids, and beer for me) and had a nice lunch and walked up through the North End to the Navy yard.

My FIL used to be in the Coast Guard, so we took a tour of the U.S.S. Eagle which is used to train Coast Guard cadets. They have to spend so much time on the ship learning the ropes before they get to go out to sea. Everyone on board was helpful and friendly. I was taking a group shot of everyone else, and a sailor instructed me to sit down so he could take a photo of all of us. So we did that, and walked around the piers and checked out more ships, then it was getting late so after a quick bite to eat by most (not, I .. we had a late lunch) we walked back to the North End to get Cannoli's and took the train home. It was a long day, but it was a delightful surprise and I am very glad we went.

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Bec said...

I love tall ships! So cool!