Sunday, July 19, 2009

Observations From The Campground

We left Wednesday to go camping, much like we do every summer, with the intentions of staying through until Saturday. (we don't always leave on Wed., I just meant we camp every summer) The weather was gorgeous and the forecast was calling for Thursday and Friday to be nice with a chance of rain both days. The Boy is a bad luck charm when it comes to camping, and without fail, every single time he's ever gone camping in his life, there has been torrential rain. Not just a passing shower.. a storm! This year was no different. We had a sprinkling rain Wed. night and briefly Thurs. morning, but other than that we had gorgeous weather. Friday however, we started to hear about severe thunderstorms coming through over night and into early Saturday morning. Of course, I thought, just in time for us to pack up all our gear. Friday we went to the lake and spent the day, and then came back around 5pm-ish. I was listening to NOAA again, and hearing things like gusty wind, and hail... and decided it wasn't worth staying. So I mentioned to The Boy, that we should start packing up, have dinner and a camp fire, and then around the time we'd be heading to bed, just head home. He thought that was a fine idea... we had spent the day... the morning we leave is mostly just get up, have breakfast, pack up and leave anyhow.. and then our stuff would be dry.

I went to take a shower, having gone for a run earlier, then a canoe trip.. and I felt gross.. and they started to pack up. (yes our camp ground has showers.. free, hot showers.. LOVE IT!) By the time I got back, I was amazed at how much progress they made. Of course, while we were packing and making dinner.. it started to spit rain and by the time we were done dinner we gave up on the idea of staying for our camp fire and headed home. We arrived at 9:30 to find we had missed a good pouring here.. and unpacked the van. During the night we had one helluva thunderstorm, and I was so glad to be home and safe in my own bed. Here are some observations I made on our trip:

1. Canoes suck. I normally take a 2 person kayak out with Ms. Thang, but when we got to the camp store, they were all out on the lake. We settled for a canoe, and just as we were pushing off from shore, like 3 kayaks came back. Figures huh. Canoeing is a lot of work. Not to say that kayaking isn't.. but it's a different kind of rowing. One I enjoy MUCH better.

2. It is well worth it to spend more money and get a decent bathing suit than to wear cheap ones. Not to say that I had a cheap suit, because my bathing suit came from L.L. Bean.. but this year I spent more money than I've ever spent on a bathing suit, and got a 2 piece from Land's End. (I got both pieces on sale, and when I exchanged my top because it was too big, I got an even better sale, so it was reasonable all the way around) I was able to get the bottom piece a size smaller than the top (cuz I'm not the same size up and down).. and I got a top tank that has a built in under wire. People.. those of us who are a little umm, well endowed... HATE bathing suits for the lack of support. My new bathing suit ROCKS. It has a mini-swim skirt for the bottom. I didn't realize what I was missing out on by sticking to conventional suits. I LOVE the mini-skirt thing. I used to think swim skirts were for old ladies (no yelling if you have one.. but why didn't you tell me how awesome they are?).. but I am a reformed woman. The best part ... no extreme shaving. ( I know, but I had to say it).

3. I love our campsite. We have gone camping at this same camp ground for 4 summers now. The first summer we went twice, and had a different campsite the first time. That site, which we liked well enough, was booked the second time, so we got the site we go to now. I love it. It is big, and roomy, and mostly quiet if you go during the week. Mr. Man is always on the lookout for a new site, but he searches in vain, because I've scoped out the rest.. and ours is the best. Some jerks were there before us however, and left it a big mess.. which made me sad. Of course I cleaned it up and left it better than we found it.. but it was just rude. It lost 3 trees due to the ice storm.. but not too shabby considering the extent of the damage. Can't wait to go back next year.


Meghan said...

So happy to see another person I know who camps.
Altho. you camp via tent.
I will only camp via RV.
I am one with nature but not the one with nature, kwim?

How are you? Been so long since i last heard from you!

Anonymous said...

little skirty things are great on suits! and support makes the differce between a good suit and a great suit. so glad you've been enlightened.

which campground is this that you love so much?

i've been stashing my yarn on ravelry - what a great tool! now to add pictures....


onescrappychick said...

Hey Jan! This is Greenfield State Park out on the other side of Peterborough. :)