Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Month Of My Life... Gone In a Blink

I took this photo on June 2nd, around 5:40am right as the sun was starting to burn off the fog around the Mountain. The best part about daylight savings, and late spring and summer, is that the sun comes up earlier and motivates me to get out of bed. I am a morning person, but when it's dark and cold, I have zero motivation to get up.
This past month has been a whirlwind of school events and meetings and band functions and busy weekends and I am so glad school ended yesterday. Now we can slow down, even if it's only for one month. At the end of July, Ms. Thang goes off to camp, and Mr. Man goes off to play in the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl Allstar Band for the big game and then after that we only have a few short weeks until school starts. In those weeks there is band camp, and back to school shopping and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Right now, we have a month of nothing planned.

I'm trying to put together a family cookout for the 4th of July, but so far only one family member has RSVP'd that they are coming. (really, wtf people?!). I'm also trying to find a summer job, as much as I don't want to work, and this is causing a lot of stress and a lack of sleep. The Boy might be getting paid from the town for one of the Committee's he serves on, which MIGHT equal out to the pay I would miss in July and August and I MIGHT not have to work, but I don't know yet, and in the meantime I can't find anything. I do have a lead on working at the Blueberry Farm, and I like being outside working enough that I won't mind it too much.
This Saturday I get  my birthday gift, which is an all day workshop being held on a farm in Fitzwilliam, by the color lady from Green Mtn Spinnery in Vermont. It's a natural dying workshop and we are going to dye yarn using plants and seed pods and a multitude of other natural things. I cannot wait. I'm going by myself (which is huge for me, I am a shy person by nature) and I'm not even dreading it. I'll come back and post about it after I get back.
I plan to do more blogging, and I know I've said that a million times.. but it's true. Over this summer I'm going to work on slowing done and playing more, instead of always being on the go and doing, doing, doing. I also plan on working out a different daily routine, so that when school starts up, we aren't always busy doing stuff at home, or shuffling the kids around. We need more down time. I just need to figure out how to make it all work. But that's for another day. Right now, I need to go play in my garden.

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