Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Snapshots

or, Some Things I Got Done on What Might Be The Only Week I Had Off all Summer

1. I have had this slate sitting on my craft desk for months now. I found it out in the barn either last summer or last fall, and asked The Boy™ if he could drill a hole that matched a hole already in the slate so that I could paint a sign and hang it on our new lamp pole. (I told you, it's been a while) He agreed, and did just that and then it sat on my desk. In the spring, I took a trip to the store and bought a few things of craft paint meant to be used on outdoor things, and some leather strapping to hang it up. After that, I sketched out the lettering for how I wanted our name to look, and hit a road block. What did I want to paint on the sign? My slate sat some more, and every once in a while I'd sit and look at it and think, and came up with nothing. The other day I decided I was going to do the lettering, and either be inspired to paint something, or just hang it with our name and call it done. I was tired of the slate on my desk. I think it came out pretty good, even if it wasn't quite what I envisioned.

2. Ms. Thang™ had a friend over, and as is the way of girls who are about to turn 13 on a hot summer afternoon, they were bored. So they got on the internet and searched for local watering holes they could swim in. The presented to me a map, directions and a pathetic, "Will you take us here so we can go swimming", and as I was hot and tired from weeding and planting, I agreed. Turns out the watering hole they found wasn't accessible for swimming, but another one that we knew of but had never been to nearby was.  The Boy™ and Mr. Man™ came with us, and we had an interesting lesson on where the local rif-raf from town hangs out.

3. I put in a new garden. This actually started in the late spring. I gardened back by the fence last year with leftover vegetable plants, and this year I decided what I want to do with that space for real. I moved my herb garden back there, as it's current location is now shaded by a more mature nut tree, and added new herb plants. I planted a dwarf cherry tree down at the lowest end of the fence which should add additional view-blockage (I just created that word) from my neighbors porch. I added some perennial flowers, and put in 11 tomato plants that a friend gave me. I wasn't going to put any vegetables in there, but hey, they were free, and I put them in places that will either be shaded by they cherry tree eventually, or where I can put in more perennials next year. It has required a lot of weeding on a continual basis, due to it's location, and I am thinking about mulching the whole area.

4. I have finished knitting up the parts of a sweater that should've been done a long time ago, after having all sorts of issues with the sleeves (short ones even!) that were all my fault, and hopefully today I will get it soaked and blocked and then can finish the button band and get it sewn together in the next few days. I don't have photos for that. I also did some purging of stuff in the kitchen, weeded out another garden bed and planted some bulbs I got on clearance (we'll see if they grow) and went on a hike with a friend. The week ended with free tickets to a play at a local playhouse, and a date with The Boy™ on a Sunday afternoon.  I will start my summer job any day now(a post for another day), and enjoyed last week immensely.

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