Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Which It Rains During the Only Days Off I Had.....

When I first got my job at the Blueberry Farm early in the summer, I joked with The Boy™ that because I was working outside that it wouldn't rain all summer. I never dreamed that would actually be the case. It rained a few times during the summer, mostly on days I had off, or at night. One day early in July I had the day off of work due to rain, and one day in early August I got to leave early due to rain. Those were the only two work days affected.

I stopped working at the farm on August 20th, which was a Friday, and had to be back at work for the start of school on the following Thursday. Saturday we had our trip to Quechee Gorge, and on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it rained. On the first day I was kind of enamored by it. We needed the rain, I needed a day to get some inside stuff done. It was a nice change from hot and sunny. Then it kept on raining and I was a lot less happy. My lawn needed to be mowed. My hedges needed to be trimmed (only for the 2nd time all summer.. very strange!). My gardens are weedy and over grown.

Of course, Thursday and Friday were gorgeous, as it goes, but so was the weekend. I was able to get the lawn mowed, and the hedges done on Saturday and the yard looks 80% better. The weeding will have to wait until the heat wave ebbs.

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