Thursday, September 02, 2010

On Being Educated

Dear Children,

I realize that the school district screwed with us this year, and instead of going back on a 3 day-4 day- full week schedule, we started out whole hog with a 5 day school week. I'm not happy about it either. In fact, being that I work with tired, whiny 6 year olds (and I can't blame them, I feel tired and whiny about it also), I might be more unhappy about it than you, because I also have to go outside in the middle of the day, on a shadeless playground for recess duty. I also realize that mother nature is a cruel, miserable hag this year and dumped another heat wave on us for the first week of classes. Remember that my school building is over 150 years old and brick, and once it heats up, it just keeps getting hotter. It's hard to be in an oven-like atmosphere, and focus and concentrate on.. well.. anything. I get it. I get it all. We are in the same boat if you think about it. 

In case you have forgotten, and I realize it's hot and brains don't function at 100%, ALL of this is out of my control. I can't make it cooler. I can't tell them school district to piss off and let us all start on a Wednesday. I can't ffwd to next week when it's supposed to be cooler outside, even though likely it's still going to be hot inside. So maybe, just maybe.. you could cut me some slack. If you are that miserable, go stand in a cool shower. Or here's a novel idea, why don't you try dressing a little cooler? I know that you have school appropriate clothes that would do a better job of keeping you cool than what you are choosing to wear. While we are at it, for the sake of ALL of us who live with you, a daily shower is a REQUIREMENT on hot days like this. No one enjoys the smell of your sweaty arse.

Lovingly yours,

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