Saturday, November 12, 2011


much like the rest of the year, the colors were a bust
It's hard to come and post about things you are thankful for, when so many things are broken right now. My laptop sits near a window, and I sit here so often and stare out the window and the things that weigh heavy on my mind threaten to bury me alive.

Instead of posting about all of these things, I've come to ask for your help. If you could send some good thoughts and prayers over here to help lift some of that weight, I would so greatly appreciate it. Just me, and all of this stuff that is crushing my spirit. If you could keep my Grandpa in your good thoughts and pray  that when his time comes  to go and join my Grandma, that it's quick and peaceful, I would greatly appreciate it.


Bec said...

I've been thinking of you. I remember the day last year when I realized that I needed not to pray for my grandma to get better, but for the strength to accept God's plan for her. I'll pray for a peaceful journey for your grandpa.

em said...

I'll be praying! I randomly found your blog a little while ago, so... hi! I hope your days get better and you have a relatively stress-free Thanksgiving.