Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Blessing and a Birthday

I have loved her since the first moment I laid eyes on her just a year ago this past week. I never realized that you could love children that weren't your own until my nieces came along and they have been such a wonderful addition into our lives and our family. Her sister is a firecracker, and while I love her to pieces, I have felt a special connection with Evie since the first time I held her. The Boy™ and I were honored when his sister and her husband asked us over the summer if we would be her Godparents. We of course accepted and after having to cancel due to that Nor'easter last month, had the Baptism this past weekend.

I won't speak of the actual Baptism, but the important thing is that her family was there and we all welcomed her into the church and celebrated with her and that was wonderful. Besides, she's too little to remember any of it anyhow, right? She was a trooper, and didn't cry when they splashed the water on her head, but she did push the Deacon's hands a way which I thought was hysterical and it was all over very quickly. Welcome to the church Evelyn Elizabeth! We all love you very much.

After the Baptism, we celebrated her first birthday which was last Tuesday. I can hardly believe a year has gone by already.  She has faced some challenges this past year and has come through them all like a trooper. Her smiling face has gotten me through some of the darker parts of my year and I thank God every day for her. We all wrote her a letter and put it into a time capsule to be opened when she is older and then sang happy birthday and had cupcakes. A beautiful way to end the day.

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