Thursday, January 19, 2012

Right Now....

Currently loving... Hot soups. Baked Pasta dishes. Pot Roasts. Anything warm and comforting. 
Currently reading... Jane Eyre by Charlote Bronte.  I'm on a "Classics" kick. Next up is Pride and Prejudice.
Currently waiting for... my elbow to get better. I'm seeing  a wonderful therapist right now who assures me that it IS going to get better, it's just going to take time. Then he heats my arm up for about 20 minutes, and after that causes me more pain than anyone should pay for, but if it makes things better at the end of the day.. bring it on.
Currently excited about... going to Florida at the end of March. Not about actually going to Disney, because in all honesty, there are a good couple dozen other places I'd rather go on vacation BEFORE Disney.. but about seeing my children march down Main St. in a parade. About spending 5 days with all of those kids, because they are really great kids. Enjoying them, and their achievements. That will be worth it. Oh, and being in warm sunshine in March.. priceless.
Currently missing... running. Warm sunshine on my face. Not having to wear 3 layers of clothes to go outside and still being cold. Coffee (sigh). My mom.
Currently trying... at least one new recipe a week. This has worked out so well for us over the past year, I'm going to keep with it. Some weeks we tried too many new recipes, but I've found that it really works out nice to try at least one. Keeps things interesting.
Currently working at... getting my life back on track. 
Currently enjoying... some quiet time with my kids. Or, maybe one of them has fallen asleep and I'm just spending quiet time with ONE of my kids.
Currently snacking on... clementines. Nothing beats citrus fruit in the dead of winter, and I am so enjoying my end of the school day, right after we come in from recess and are waiting for the bell to ring to go home clementine. Yummo!
Currently using... this amazing hand cream that I got at the MA Sheep and Wool Festival last year. It has lanolin in it and it's doing wonderful things for my poor, chaffed and bleeding hands. Winter is rough around here!
Currently wearing... my favorite pair of fleece pants. They are one size too big, have been washed so many times they are thin and have lost all their fuzziness and warmth, and I don't care. However, it might be time to get some new ones. 

Currently garden for the summer. I have  a whole stack of seed catalogs here in my magazine basket, and I plan to spend an hour this weekend and chat with the family about what we should grow in the garden this summer. I think I might do it while it's snowing on Saturday.
Currently singing... Beautiful.. by Mercy Me. This song has taken root in my heart, and I find myself humming or singing it quite often.
Currently needing... more than I am getting. More than I am able to ask for. To fill the void myself, so that I don't have to rely on others to fill it for me.
Currently learning... that sometimes you have to say nothing.
Currently listening to...the TV, cars outside on rt. 12, Corey tapping away on his keyboard, the dog snoring.
Currently wishing... I could go on a mission trip to Guatemala.
Currently doing... far less than I think I should be, and far more than others expect of me.
Currently praying Grandmpa's health, my sponsored child Mariah and her family, several family situations, Randy's weekend, God's grace, patience, calmness and gentleness when dealing with the students at work, and trust in Him.
Currently dreaming of... going on a trip somewhere for our 20th anniversary. We have a few years to save (we'll celebrate 17 years this year), and I'm going to ignore that it will be the same year that Ashley graduates HS, and Corey will likely be in in College by then.. because we have never taken a BIG trip.. not even for our honeymoon. I think it's time, don't you?

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