Saturday, February 23, 2013

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A.....

One of the things I enjoy about the link-within feature that I use on my blog, is every once in a while I get to go back and read something from my archives that makes me laugh right out loud. Today's 'You Might Also Like' brought me to this gem from almost 5 years ago that I cleverly titled, 10 Things I Rock At In No Particular Order. I particularly enjoyed number 4.

4. Nagging. My kids will tell you that I'm a world class nagger. I like to tell them it's because they are world class avoiders, and it's their fault I have to nag over and over and over about the same dumb crap. You'd think they'd like to only hear shit once, and get it over with. But alas, this isn't the case. I think they like my voice so much, they need to hear it on a constant basis.

Nothing has changed on this front in the five years since I wrote it, except that I probably would've left out the cuss words. My kids still avoid the things that they don't want to do, and I still have to nag them until I feel like blood will come out of their ears. In honor of this treasure I thought I'd write a new meemee, so today I give to you:

10 Things I Would Be If Money Were No Issue (In No Particular Order)

1. Sheep Farmer. Not only would I have sheep, I would have a few Alpaca, because Alpaca are sheep protectors. I love the idea that I could take the wool from my own sheep, have it shorn, cleaned, carded, and then spin it and knit it into whatever my heart desires. How cool would that be? (I'd also have chickens and a few goats, because fresh eggs are the bomb and goats milk makes the best soap for my cranky skin).

2. A Painter. I would take my easel and I would be one of those people you see in random places painting. I would paint beautiful sunsets, and misty covered mountains and cozy downtown scenes. I would take classes at the local college and develop my skills and get over my hatred for painting people.

3. A Missionary. I sponsor the cutest little girl in Guatemala with the saddest looking eyes through Compassion International. I also am a correspondence sponsor for two more girls who have sponsors who can't, for whatever reason, write to them. I write to one and my daughter writes to the other. It's nice, but I feel like I get so much more out of my sponsorship of Mariah. Knowing that I am helping her and her family blesses me maybe as much as, if not more than it blesses her. I would love to be able to go and do missionary work in countries where Compassion has centers and work with the children.

4. Volunteer at The Community Kitchen. The Community Kitchen is a Volunteer Food Bank/Soup Kitchen in Keene that serves the needs of our local area. They are always looking for people to work all sorts of shifts, mostly during the day and afternoon to dinner hours. I think that would be very rewarding work that would help out the people right here at home. If I had a job that worked around the hours they need, and my own car, I think that would be an excellent use of my time.

5. Writer. Even if I never got paid a nickel, I would love to find places to submit my writing to. Articles, I think, or poetry, even though I haven't written any poems in a few years. I do write for our town's monthly news publication and I am the webmaster for our school's webpage and write the news articles for that, but as of right  now, that's about it. I'm currently exploring how to broaden my writing horizons but feeling a little stuck.

6. Shop Owner. If I could find someone else to be in charge of the money part, which I would hate dearly, I would love to own a little shop. A yarn shop I think, that also had a cozy little counter that served coffees and teas and baked treats. If that weren't possible, then I would want my shop to be next door to a bakery. I envision cozy chairs and loveseats arranged in groupings around braided rugs, that encourage long hours of knitting or crocheting and friendly chat. I envision baskets and cubbies of yarn arranged however I see fit, and samples hanging all around the store. It would have to be a shop with one of those big bumped out windows,  you know the kind, that I could set up displays in that change with the season, or the month, or however I see fit. That would be so much fun.

7. A Student. I would go back to school. I don't know what I would study exactly, but I would become a full time student. Maybe art, because I always seem to go to the Art classes when Keene State sends out their Continuing Ed. Catalog twice a year. I might take some English classes too, along with a few writing courses. Maybe a photography class or two while I'm at it.

8. A Traveler. I have two travel dreams. One involves a camper and a tour of the United States. State Parks. Tourist attractions. Big Cities. I want to see it all. Not all on one trip either. I think that's too much traveling at one time. I don't want it to be rushed. I think the best way is to plan a route out, and a route back, and see all the things there are to see on the way. Then do it again. However many times it takes to see all the things you want to see.  The other involves the world. There are so many countries that I want to visit. Places that I want to go and live in for a while and become part of the culture.

9. A Foster Mom. I think I've mentioned this before, but if I were able to not worry about money, and be a stay at home mom again, I would be a foster mom. Of course, I might need a new house, and another car, but money's not an object here right? There are so many hurting children, who just need someone to love them.

10. __________________. The last one stays blank for the dream I haven't thought of yet. There is always something that is out there, just beyond your reach, that stays out in your dreams. That is my number 10.

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