Monday, November 26, 2007

What Color is the Sky in YOUR World?

(or, Things that are peeving me right now, in no particular order)

* How did Rachel Ray, the queen of " delish" become the voice of Dunkin Donuts? The TV show, I get.. the cookware, I get... but since when is my favorite coffee YUM-O?! Don't get me wrong, I like her well enough. I bought one of her cookbooks (365 meals or whatever the heck it's called).. and I enjoy it. Ms. Thang, who's aspiring to be a chef and spends a LOT of her TV time watching The Food Network, is pretty lukewarm about her. There are far better chefs on TV, don't you know mom? Anyhow.. the commercials are ticking me off.. less is more, right Rachel?

* Philawarepragacago. I mean.. really. The first time it was pretty clever. The next few commercials, not so clever. Now that they play them ALL THE EFFING TIME, hate em. We get it. Your network rocks. Don't even get me started on the KY commercials. Whatever happened to decent TV? Why is it that 90% of all TV commercials are DUMB? How do they expect anyone to want to buy anything, if their marketing sucks?

* I'm ok with it being 50 degrees out tomorrow. We all know I hate being cold.. and what with the wacky wiring and all that, I'm usually ALWAYS cold. But 50 tomorrow and 32 a few days later is just crazy. Cold. Warm. Cold. Rainy. Warm. The weather has been nuts this year. Lets either have all mild days.. or all cold days. This up down thing is killing me. I haven't walked in a few weeks, first it was too dark, then it was too cold and I had a week long headache, then it was warmer, but raining, now we are back to raining and I have a miserable cold. Bah! Speaking of miserable colds.. it started Thursday on the way home with a sore throat, and still.. as of today, developed into a full blown cold. WTF. Let's just get it over with already.

* I don't want to get into a big thing about fair pay and writer's rights (say that 5 times fast)... I just want my TV back. No reruns (Nov. is a sweeps month, hello?!)... no "last episode until xxx" crap... none of it. I want to flip on some mindless TV at the end of a long hard day, and enjoy myself. I want to go to the Grey's writers blog and read about my fave show. I want to sit on my couch, covered by my favorite blanket, snuggled with my cat, and lose myself in a show about someone else's problems.

You now return you to your original programming.

(I'll tell you about that snowflake later)

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