Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Which We Find... Some Blogging!!

So, do you feel neglected yet??? My yard and my house do also. We've moved into the part of the year that I fondly call, "Too Effing Busy". Between school, and activities, plus it's time to get the town budget done which means The Boy has meetings on Tues and Thursdays until right before Christmas... and I am have marathon meetings about what we (my school) plan to do in order to increase our testing scores and make AYP in the next 2 years. So, (deep breath).. in between all that, is life and every day chaos. Plus, we have that "maybe serious and scary" thing to sort out which involves tests and appointments and consultations that really.. I don't have time for. (I'll be able to post about all this right before Thanksgiving when hopefully I'll have a clear picture and some answers).

So, due to all this mayhem.. my blogging is suffering. So are my "extracurricular" activities (the ones I do to relax). I did however crochet 2 washcloths since the weekend, and will post a pic or two this weekend. (I need to rake, but really.. I'm secretly hoping we get a freak storm, even though I know it will never happen). I also bought new yarn to make that baby sweater for "the second most perfect-est baby ever". Yes, I had yarn.. no I didn't get it finished when I said I would... yes this new yarn is a color I like better. It's a quick knit, and I could have it done by the end of the weekend if I would just start it.

I also want to bake this weekend. I don't know what though. I can tell you that I won't be making this nasty sounding dish. I have to plan out my menu for next week so I can go grocery shopping Saturday. We'll have soup one day... it's our cold weather tradition.. soup once a week. I also want to get "some raking" done (I'm setting my sights short on this) and maybe fall clean 2 rooms (they are very small, it's feasible if The Boy helps out). Hopefully that "extra hour" will help me get all this done... or if not.. I can enjoy some tasty beverages at the end of the weekend and be glad it's over.

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