Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Which We Find An Introduction.......

Friday was one of those kind of days that doesn't really go how you want it to. Seemed like no matter what I had that needed doing, something else kept cropping up etc, etc. So around 2pm-ish... Ms. Thang and I decided it was time for Harry Potter 3. We've been re-watching all the movies in preparation for the new one (thanks for bumping it back to next year Warner Bros., bastards) before school starts next week. So anyhow.. I'm sitting in the chair, watching the movie and crocheting cupcake bottoms, and The Boy walks through the door. At 3pm. I quickly went through all the questions, "Are you OK?" "Did something happen?" "Are you sick?". He was fine, but had worked late a lot this week and decided to come home early.

So he walks over to the chair where I'm sitting with his lunchbox in his hands. He says, I have a surprise for you. His lunch box is really a 6 can cooler, so I'm thinking.. ohhh maybe it's beer! He zipped it open, and out climbs this cute little black and white kitten, right into my lap. He got an email at work today, that said someone had 4 kittens, 2 female, 2 male ready to go home that day. They were born on June 15th and it has been enough time and does anyone want a kitten(s)?. So he replied yes, I'll take a female and she went home and got it for him. The kitty played in his office for a bit, and he brought her home. She wouldn't stay in the box to come in, so he put her in his lunch box.

This is the man who is a self proclaimed cat hater. This is the man who said to the kitty, "see, I knew once I got you home she'd like you. If I had called and asked I would've got a no.. we have too many pets already." Sneaky! So after much deliberation, we've named her Sophie, because she's sophisticated . She is black and white, and looks like she has a tux coat on with the patch under her neck. Not only is she sophisticated, she has polydactylism, which means she has extra toes. Normal cats have 5 toes on each front foot, and 4 on each back foot. Sophie has 6 on each front foot, and 5 on each back foot. That's a lot of toes!

Bailey isn't quite sure what to make of her, and the dog just kind of rolled her eyes and said (yes she did, I heard her!), "Oh, not another one of those fluffy things already?!" She's not as attention hounding as Bailey was when she was little, but Bailey was held from the time she was 3 days old by all the members of my friend's family so I think she was more socially mature. Sophie is still a little skittish, but very funny and clever and energetic. She's 9 weeks old, so she's a week older than Bailey was last year when we got her, and it's funny what a difference a week makes. So anyhow, I had a quiet week planned before we head back to school (although busy, what the heck?!) and I think I can kiss that good bye. But man is she cute!


Knit Witch said...

OMG that kitten is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! You may have learned by now already that it is actually easier to have two kittens rather than just one - so have him go out and pick up another!!!

I love the name Sophie - so cute!

Gregory said...

Damn...."He" brought home the kitty huh? Something else is brewing...don't trust him!

ktb38 said...

Sophie is ADORABLE! I love her wittle paws!
And I tagged you!