Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is It Really The End of November?!?!?!

Well, hello there. How have you been? I can't even begin to believe that Thanksgiving is this week and December next and soon it will be Christmas. Where the hell did this year get to? In the spirit of randomness.. I give you some things in no particular order.

1. I logged into my email tonight when I got home and discovered while I was gone my son invited me to be his friend on Facebook. Woah, hold on here.. since when did HE belong to Facebook? Instead of asking him, as he's gone to bed early.. I checked his page and turns out he just joined tonight. I'm not sure how I feel about that but I was amused to see his thing-a-ma-bob-updater says he was talking to his girl friend. Who is this young man that I hardly know anymore?

2. Last night I had to bake 2 pumpkin pies and 3 blueberry breads for a raffle for the 6th grade trip to Environmental Camp. Why did I agree to this? Was I drunk? Turns out, in fact, I was supposed to make 4 blueberry breads. I suck it would seem. So anyhow, while I was out at steel drum rehearsal, my friend stopped over and left a message for me to call her. So I called her up when I got back and she mentions about how it was too bad I wasn't home cuz she could've stayed and heckled me while I baked and as she lives 30 seconds down the road, I twisted her arm (really hard, let me tell you.. she folded in 3 seconds flat) and she came back. People.. when you have to spend hours baking things for other people, it is best to have alcohol and the company of a good friend to pass the time. I probably would've got my baking done quicker without her.. but you know.. who cares?

3. It's amazing how a 2 day work week can feel like the longest damn week of your life. I am so glad that we only have 3 full weeks of school unti Christmas break, because really.. the kids are so cranked up already it's not even funny. What I am looking to more, is the 2 full weeks of school we have off after that. First. Time. EVER. I can't wait. Really.

4. So Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving was on tonight, and while I missed the first 10 minutes I still love it. My son commented on how it's 60 years old and blah blah blah.. but it's still great. Except what the heck is this show that has followed it? I mean really... why mess with Charlie Brown? Who wants to hear about how the pilgrims came to America from good ole' Chuck? I don't know... I mean I basically shared this same story with the kids this week... but this is just.. wrong.

Ok.. that's all I have for now. I'm going to try and do a blog a day in December... I know I failed last year but the year before was really good and maybe I can redeem myself. I'm off to do some serious vegetating on the couch under a warm blanket.

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