Friday, November 14, 2008

One of Those Days

Yesterday wasn't that great of a day. There is a situation going on at school that is taxing my very being, I teetered on the brink of a migraine all day long, and to top it off I had to go to a National Jr. Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Typically you'd think I'd be happy to go to to such a an event. Proud of my son who, without much effort on his part, is an exceptional student worthy of such great honors. Typically you'd be right. Except for one tiny detail.

I was supposed to be sitting at Foxboro Stadium, in a warm cozy box seat, away from the cold and rain, cheering on my New England Patriots. We had it all worked out with my friend who was going to come hang out and have pizza with the kids, maybe do some of her laundry that she brought back from her recent trip to visit her mom in FL (why are all our parents in FL?), and spend the night. As much as the idea of getting 4 hours of sleep on a school night didn't appeal to me, I was excited to be going. I've never been to a professional football game, and the nice seats just made it more appealing.

The induction was supposed to be in October. Technically, it should've been in the spring at the end of 7th grade, which was when they used to do it. Things came up and it got moved and then they said they were going to reschedule. Mr. Man brought home his notification last week (I knew months ago that he was getting in and kept it a secret this whole time) and when I looked at the date my heart dropped. I told The Boy if he wanted to take someone else I'd be more than happy to go with Ms. Thang to the ceremony. He told me that this was more important and he'd give up his tickets. (they were from a company he does a load of business with at work). In the end I was glad I went, because the ceremony was very nice and 1/4 of his class from elementary school was inducted (ok, there were only 6 out of the 24 who graduated, but 1/4 sounds impressive doesn't it?) and I got to cheer for them all also.

I came home, did some mindless work on the computer, wrote some articles for the Town News that were due this week, and boycotted the game. I did however watch the last 5 minutes when I thought they'd make a great comeback and go on to win.. then they lost in overtime. Figures.

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Knit Witch said...

THAT is a total bummer!!!!!!!!!