Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random Bitching.... on a Thursday

1.That mole.. the one from last spring, that I spent all summer/fall trying to get rid of? Had an effing FIELD DAY underneath all the snow in my yard this winter. Moved into the FRONT yard, and left it's front door wide open for me to see. I am researching what I can toss down that hole to be rid of the damn thing. The part that kills me, is that it was in my flower garden also. I'm not sure how to get my yard flat again... because their are ridges everywhere. I can feel the unevenness under my feet as I walk through.

2. So after hurting my calf on the treadmill at the Cape, I didn't run for a week and a half. I waited, patiently.. letting my calf heal. I am not dumb. I've been here before. I ran on Tuesday with no issues. I ran today.. and the stupid calf on the OTHER leg did some wacky thing 3/4 of the way through my run. The nice part is that it's a different muscle than the other leg.... but hello.. WTF? Why does this keep happening? How am I ever going to get out and run regularly if I keep having calf issues. All I can say is it better feel better by Sunday... cuz like it or not, it's going running again cuz this is ridiculous!!

3. I have a hormone induced migraine that started around 9pm tonight. Previous hormonal headaches have lasted 24 hours, and I'm sad about how sucky school will be tomorrow. 2 Advil and an Extra Strength Tylenol taken at the same time have taken the edge off and I don't feel homicidal anymore. The suckiest part is, the past few months I've gotten the headache on the last day also.. not just the "day before" and it's like a slap in the face. (sigh)

4. The Boy brought home Sophie, our kitten who will be 1 in mid-June, in August. It put our cat count up to 3. If I don't scoop daily, the box gets a smell that seemingly only *I* can smell. Nothing makes me miss smoking more than remember when I couldn't smell anything. We are short on litter, so I've been scantily using it this week to get by.. and I didn't scoop yesterday and can't stomach doing it today. This not only makes me cranky, it makes me sad cuz I love all my cats.. except when the box smells. (we have more than one box... they both smell).

5. Things that Do. Not. Suck. : it was warm and sunny today, and I got out and ran 2 miles before I hurt myself... I enjoyed being out at recess... the cool shelfy thing I bought way back around Christmas is finally in stock again and showed up on my porch today.. I already started my spring cleaning... the snow finally melted from the fence post and I took the garland/lights down.. in 10 days I will see my beautiful little niece (hopefully who won't have her hair in a mohawk.. her momma thinks that's a riot. I love a cute barrette better) again (ps.that photo is from the Cape)... and hopefully I can get my act together and finish knitting her Easter bunny.


Laurie said...

seriously? could that baby *BE* any cuter? LOL!

onescrappychick said...

No.. I love her! :)