Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Has This Month Gone?

I apologize for my lack of posting these past few weeks. It's been right crazy around here between school and meetings and the kids.In between all that mess.. Ms. Thang sprained her wrist on Saturday. They thought it was broken, but it's a tendon sprain and she's lucky it didn't tear. She has to wear a brace/splint thingy until my birthday in 6 weeks and she's kind of bummed about the whole thing but taking it fairly well. Easter was nice. I knit this cute little bunny for my niece, but didn't get the last ear done in time. I bought it with me to knit in the car, and then felt car sick when I tried (happens once in a blue moon) so I bought it back home to finish this week. It was cold on Easter, so on the way home, when it was dark and I could knit, I made that little scarf out of scrap yarn I used in her blanket. I have it all bundled up to be mailed tomorrow.The color is better in the next photo, and I'm tickled with how cute it came out, even if I built it around the head being backwards. The pointy part seemed more nose like than back of the head like. This only caused issues with putting the eyes on.

You might notice the lovely daffodil's in that photo. Every year leaves have poked out of the ground in two spots in my garden... and Carly tells me one set is Daffodils and one set is Tulips. Neither have ever bloomed. Until THIS year. This is our 8th spring here. The Boy says it's because the mole arrated the bulbs and broke them up and they finally aren't too cramped. Which crazy as it sounds, may be true. but I'd think you'd need more plants for that to happen, and this is all I've got. Go figure. I actually have another similar looking plant on the other side of the front walk, but there are no flowers there yet. Spring Break is officially here as of this afternoon, and I hope the weather this next week is as nice as the weather this past week has been. I have had a bit of a cold-that-isn't-really-a-cold, and felt a bit better yesterday and did some raking. I think I'll go do more while The Boy grills some burgers for dinner.

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Laurie said...

OH that bunny is so darned cute!

you have your spring break next week huh? ours is the week after. doesn't that seem awful late in the year?

I'd rather just give UP spring break and get out a week earlier..we have to go until June 24th!!*#$&*(#&$(*&(#!