Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well Now...

If you had told me that by August 4th, I wouldn't have posted my 800th blog post, I would've told you that you were crazy. I mean hello.. I blog all the time. Except for when I don't. See, first we had that situation way back in the spring that had me sad and out of sorts. I would like to report that the situation is 100% better, and I'm glad that it's behind us. Then came the whirlwind of the school year ending and the fence being built and the tower going up and I was just plain exhausted. Which doesn't really explain though, why I haven't been blogging much all summer does it? I was thinking about it in the shower today.. where I do my best thinking.. and all of a sudden it clicked. See that man-child mowing our neighbors lawn.. mowing for the first time in his life.. doing his first real job? He is an ornery sort of child, and upon discovering that I was a blogger, Googled until he found my site. I asked him not to read it, as this is MY blog. My place to go and vent and say what I need to say. I haven't ever shared this link with ANYONE in my family, or The Boys for that matter because I don't want to ever wonder that I might hurt someone's feelings or share something that is going to upset anyone.

The thing of it is, is that he does read it. I know he does because he called my cell phone the other day and told me something that I had written on my blog in 2006. When I asked him what he was doing there, when I had specifically asked him not to go there, he replied, I was stealing one of your pictures. Here's the thing. I knew in my heart, that even thought I asked him not to, and told him I wanted him to stay away.. I didn't think he was. His sister knows about the blog. She wouldn't dream in a million years of ever coming here to read it. She has diaries that she doesn't want people reading.. and has confessed to me that she knows HE has been. Why he feels the need, I don't know. I'm pretty sure that he'd be pissed off if he found out any of us were reading his prayer journal that he asked me to buy him.. so I'm not sure why it's any different.

I haven't been posting, because I don't want to feel like I have to edit what I want to stay. I have a situation going on right now that I want to blog about every. single. day. I want to vent and rant and get it out there, and then worry and stress and whine.. and I don't. Because somethings don't need to be known by people who might be effected by them. Sometimes it's for the good of others to just keep quiet. Somehow, I am going to right this situation, without moving my entire blog somewhere else, or putting an invitation only lock on it. Because really.. I don't want to keep people out. I just don't want my 14 yr old reading my blog.

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