Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And So It Goes......

..... and so does she.

I just watched this beautiful young lady get on a large yellow school bus for the first time in her school career, and take off down the road to drive the 10 miles that will bring her over to the Middle School/ High School in the next town. She is nervous, and excited and I will admit, she was a little giggly. She is dressed in an outfit she bought with her birthday money, and wearing makeup for the first time (well, to school). She joked about how it's my turn to wear the skirt to school next (she bought a size M, cuz they didn't have a S.. so she has to tie the belt tight, but of course it totally fits me too.. so weird to think about sharing clothes already), and I joked back that I wasn't wearing her makeup too.

She will do just fine "over there" at the big school. She is a good student, she is friendly and kind and makes friends quick and easy, and she is just an overall good kid. It will be weird to walk to school every day without her. When Mr. Man used to walk with us, he was always in front of or behind us (mostly behind).. but her and I always talked on the way to school. This year she will either talk to The Boy in the car, or to her friends on the bus.. and I will walk alone. I already miss her.

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