Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In Which We Find March.. or how the blog marches on without me

I am making it a goal, for the month of March, to come here at LEAST 2x a week and post something new. I do have things to share, I do have photos I take (every day, I'm doing a project this year) that I could tell you about... what I don't have is mental energy. This never ending winter is sucking my life away. Last week was winter break.. and while Monday was gorgeous.. the rest of the week was either snowy, or torrential rains, and then more snow.

But enough of that. I have 2 goals for March. Run more. (That will be hard to fail at, because I ran a grand total of 3x last month. Three. How pathetic is that?) Then of course, there is blog more.

It's been a little crazy here at Chez Burried in Snow. Mr. Man is involved in Destination Imagination and their regional meet is this weekend at our school. We got volunteered to organize the food which is a fundraiser to drum up the cash to go to Tennessee if they make it past the state meet later this month, which has been interesting. We'll see if it all pulls together Saturday.

Ms. Thang tried out for a part in the H.S. production of The Wedding Singer, and because she's only in 7th grade scored herself a minor role, plus a singing solo along with being in the chorus and dance stuff. Been very busy shuffling her around to rehearsals. She's exhausted and I'll be glad when it's over. (btw, if you are local.. Mar. 11-13th.. message me for details).

So yah, busy, and snowbound. Pretty much sums up the past 2 months in there entirety. Today's photo is brought to you by the letter S. That is (thinks).. Saturday morning after another night of snow. Of course, heavy wet snow never sticks to much for long.. so it no longer looks all pretty, but that was the view across the street out my front door. Bring on Spring!!!

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