Saturday, May 08, 2010

Right Now I Should Be......

1. Mowing the lawn. But it's raining, so maybe I will mow the lawn tomorrow after I get back from my hike. I just mowed it last weekend, and you'd never be able to tell, because apparently the weeds are on overdrive this year, and it's all tall and yucky looking.

2. Stretching, after a nice run, but before mowing the lawn (cuz if you're all sweaty from a run, might as well do something yucky like mow). See above for why I didn't get my run in today. Maybe tomorrow before dinner I'll go out, because I'm not going for a 3 mile run after a 3 mile hike, or before. That's crazy talk.

3. Spring cleaning my bedroom. That was the plan for this morning, before we head out to my brother's this afternoon for a birthday party/bbq. (in the rain, it would seem.. notice a trend here?). The boy has something to take care of at the library, I had to make potato salad for said BBQ, and got roped into doing some budgeting/checkbook crap, and in an hour I plan to be sitting in a chair having my hair cut, so yah.. no cleaning today. But the money stuff is done, and the potato salad is chilling and waiting to be finished. So all that is good.

4. Finding something productive to do .. but Steel Magnolia's just started on Tee-Vee, and this is one of my FAVORITE movies. I have to wait for my hair dresser to get in at 11, so I can call and get "on the list".. which just means I promise to be there in 30 mins or less (takes 20 mins to drive there, so it all works out), and I have to wait for Ms. Thang to call and tell me if she's going to meet me there so I can bring her home (she's sleeping over her bff's house about 40 mins away). Soooo.. I guess I'll go watch T.V. and knit. 

*photo from early April, our first warm day of the season.

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