Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Birthday Wish.... Granted

Way back in December, when I asked Mr. Man what he wanted for his birthday, he replied that he wanted to go shooting with his dad and Grampie. I thought that was a reasonable birthday gift,and The Boy™ explained that when the weather was better, they would go out, but it was too cold to go shooting in December. The weather has been nice for some time now, and Mr. Man has been asking when he gets to go shooting.

Grampie is currently out of work, and The Boy™ has a ridiculous amount of vacation days, so I suggest that maybe they wanted to go sometime during the 2 weeks Ms. Thang is at camp.  Phone calls were made, and they set the date for today. July 27th. 7 months to the day of Mr. Man's birthday. The irony of that was not lost on me. I was at work, so The Boy™ agreed to bring the camera along and take some photos of the day.

Grampie brought his guns along, as did The Boy™ and I think Mr. Man got to fire them all. Looking through several of the photos of him with the handgun, I'm struck by his stance. I don't know if he thought jutting his stomach out would help him hold the gun straighter, or if it helped him with the recoil, but I will have to ask him. I bet his back is sore because of it.  All in all they spent 4 hours at the pit, enjoying each others company and the thrill of shooting at .. whatever.

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