Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Not Cool... or The Story of Our New Fridge

On July 8th, I woke up at 5am like I normally do, and set about having breakfast. My typical breakfast consists of a bowl of Kellogg's Healthy Start cereal and a cup of coffee. I poured my cereal, and sat down to eat it. I remember thinking to myself, "this milk doesn't seem very cold". I went about making my lunch for work, and thought, "this stuff doesn't seem very cold either". A week or two prior, due to having ice in our milk, I had gotten a fridge/freezer thermometer and put it in the back of the fridge. I had a look at it, and it read 64*f. By the time The Boy™ got out of the shower, it was up to 68*f.

After work that day, we trouble shot with GE, and determined, that after 9 years, and 6 days of near 100*f weather, the compressor just gave up on life, and we needed a new fridge. After dinner we went out and purchased a new fridge, and I set about the sad and unpleasant task of tossing everything out. I expected to be more angry about the situation that I was.  Really, however, I was grateful. We do our grocery shopping on Friday, so there wasn't a whole fridge full of newly purchased food. We had just had a big family cookout on the 3rd, and it didn't happen in time to spoil a whole fridge full of cookout food. It could've been a lot worse, and it wasn't. The timing was lousy, the money was more than I wanted to spend on anything at the time, but it could've been worse.

As it is with appliance delivery, we had to wait a week for our new fridge. It was tricky coming up with a list of dinners that we could have that utilized the freezer, and nothing from the fridge, although we did leave the fridge plugged in and used it to chill veggies, because really.. that seemed to work out OK. They came with the new fridge on my day off yesterday, and somehow managed to get the old one out, and the new one in without much trouble. I chose not to watch the whole ordeal, because I wasn't convinced they weren't going to break something my kitchen or themselves.

We made a special Thurs. night shopping trip, and set about organizing the fridge. The icemaker came out (they didn't hook it up because we didn't want it), the butter door came out, and I moved some shelves around. The door goes in enough, that when set on 5 keeps the door items in the bottom shelf at 40*f (I parked my thermometer there).I wouldn't have even have considered this, if my friend Jan didn't tell me that they used 4 gallons of milk as a selling point when she bought the same model. We have a chest freezer, which is how we were able to convince ourselves to get this one, as the freezer space is kind of lousy, but the fridge is big and awesome, and it fits the footprint of our old one, but it just a little taller and has 2.5 more cubit feet of space. Not too shabby.

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