Saturday, April 09, 2011

In Which We Find an Easter Tree...

In Eastern Europe, it's customary to hang hollow Easter Eggs from trees. The eggs symbolize new life, and it's a tradition that I can get behind a lot easier than a bunny who brings toys and candy. I haven't ever had an Easter Tree before, and I'm not a huge fan of plastic eggs. In fact, this year, I bought some painted foam eggs at Pier One for the glass jar in my dining room and I'm quite smitten with them. I do however, have a stash of plastic eggs that I used to put jelly beans into before I put them in the kids Easter baskets. Turns out that neither of my kids like jelly beans, so while I still put some small candies in them to help fill the basket, I have a surplus. Today I was outside in the yard taking down the Christmas lights (I know, don't even get me started. We had huge snow banks), and noticed a large maple branch that kind of looked tree-ish lying on the ground. Fifteen minutes later I had this lovely bit of decoration standing next to my door. I like it. I don't think it's too hokey, and it brightens up an otherwise dreary bit of landscaping.

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