Sunday, April 03, 2011

Life is kicking my butt right now, in ways that I can't share here on the ole' blog, but rest assured that we are all OK in the best way we can be, and will pull through this in due time. In order to combat the emotional turmoil, I have been crafting, and cleaning. I don't know why, but for some reason, whenever I am stressed out or worried or what have you, I clean. Lately however, I've been doing more crafting then cleaning. Maybe crafting is my new therapy.

Yesterday, I created this moss covered R for the mirror in our dining room. That mirror was made for me by a dear friend, out of an old window casing that my dad gave us. It came from a barn somewhere in Virginia. To say I love it would be selling how I really feel about it short. A few years ago, one of the parents of a student I worked with gave me this cute "clothes line" kind of Christmas card holder that you put up, and then string up silver decorations that are meant to hold cards. I left the silver "clothes line" part on the window frame, and I hang random stuff off it during the year.

I found the idea for it at The Idea Room. She used some kind of roll out moss that I'm sure went much easier than what I got. I find both the R, and the moss at Micheal's, and along with the ribbon I bought and the 25% off your whole purchase coupon I had, the whole thing cost less than $10.  I seriously love it. I didn't moss over the back, and from where I sit at the table, you can see the unfinished wood side of the R. I haven't decided if this bugs me enough to do something about. The Valentine's wreath I made this year had the same problem, and I got over that, so I'm sure in a few days I won't even notice. I wish the R had been bigger, as it's a big mirror, but I love it anyhow.

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