Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick... or Treat?

When the started talking about a Nor'Easter for Saturday we just shrugged it off. A Nor'Easter is basically just an off-shore storm and we've had them in October before. They bring strong winds and rain and no one really paid any attention to it. Early in the week they started talking about snow on Thursday. Snow in October isn't unheard of either. It's usually just a light coating that coats the pumpkins and melts fast and makes the kids happy.

Thursday Night It started snowing and we woke up to 3 inches on Friday morning. 3 inches of wet snow in October is a little out of the ordinary. Friday was parade and party day at school, so between that, and the snow, it was a very loud and crazy day. All during the day Friday I heard people talking about a storm on Saturday. Snowfall amounts kept being tossed around. 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches. It was crazy. We never get snow like that in October. Somehow this Nor'Easter was bringing snow with it instead of rain, and somehow it had shifted paths and the atmospheric conditions were just right and we were going to get some snow.

It started snowing Saturday afternoon around 3pm. They were calling for 8-10 inches in my range of the state, with the possibility of 12 if you live in the higher elevations like I do. When I went out to shovel at 7pm, we already had almost a foot. I figured that the storm was winding down, and went to bed at 10. Nothing could have prepared me to wake up on Sunday to 25 inches of wet, heavy snow. Nothing. It was the kind of snow that coats the trees, some of which haven't let go of all their leaves yet, and sticks to everything giving it a mid-winter glow.

They talked on the news yesterday about how we haven't had a snow like this in October, or November for that fact in the 140 years that they have been keeping records. Pretty darn impressive. We got lucky in my part of the state. Our trees had lost most of their leaves. Out in the eastern areas of the state where they had just started to fall, the weight of the leaves plus the weight of the snow caused all sorts of power outages and 300,000 people are in the dark today and 200 towns have cancelled school. Trick, or Treat? 

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