Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A New Loop to Walk at Lunch

One thing I really missed about my school day was my walk at lunch. It was an 8 minute door to door loop around my neighborhood that if I was feeling motivated I kept up with even once the weather turned cold. Last year it was the only chance I got to be out of the building all day, and I relished those 8 minutes like manna from heaven. The first few weeks at my new school, I stayed in the lunch room for my whole half an hour, but it was really just too long, and I was itching to get out and walk. Forget that immediately following lunch I was outside on playground duty for a full half an hour, doing loops around the school yard. I liked being able to have a walk before I ate. A chance to take a break from the morning, get my head back on straight, and to regroup a little before having to deal with whatever was going on in the lunchroom.

Soon after that, I headed out to find a new walking routine. At first, I headed up the hill towards the state park that isn't too far from the school. If I walked up to the top of the first big hill and turned and came back, it was 10 minutes. Not too bad, but not very exciting and not a whole lot to look at. I did that for about 3 days, and then decided to see what happened if I headed up the road past the cemetery. I discovered that there was a little road at the back of the cemetery and I could do a loop through it and around and be right back out in front of the school. If I walked past the first entrance and up through the parking lot and back to the door, it was 8 minutes. This is my new loop, and I love it It's pretty, it's quiet, and it reminds me to be thankful for all that I have. I hope that the town keeps it plowed in the winter, because my goal is to walk it every day unless it's raining too hard.

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