Monday, October 07, 2013

An Autumn Interlude

It's no secret around here that fall is my favorite season. Each change of season brings with it a newness that is welcome after the last season starts to wear out it's welcome. Just when summer is starting to get too long and hot...wait, what am I writing?! I never get tired of summer. I relish in the evenings where the daylight allows for late walks and sitting out in the backyard talking with friends. I enjoy the few days worth of hot weather that we get here in NH, and soon enough August is here.

I remember when I was a child and summer was June, July and August. Three months of hot weather that kept you outside until the light quit and mom called you in. Now it's chilly in August and the light changes early and it feels like fall starts creeping in sometime around the second week.

Once school is started and fall is officially here however, I'm ready for it. I love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons. I love walking through the leaves and hearing the crunch under my feet. I love that smell of wood smoke mingling with damp air and leaf rot. Warm sweaters are still a novelty and I I'm able to pull out my scarves. Baking in the summer is a chore because it heats up your kitchen, but in the fall a heated kitchen is a bonus to whatever yummy treat is now cooling on the counter. There is so much to love about it. Except, possibly the fact that it precedes winter. That however is a post for another day.

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