Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snow. Shovel. Repeat.

Because everything has been grey and drab and not worth taking pictures off.. today I have some yarn therapy for the blog.

This cute little red sweater was knit and delivered to my co-worker and his wife who just had a little baby boy back in late January. No, I didn't deliver it late, the pic has just been sitting on the camera since. It's my standard baby gift sweater that is worked from the top down, and I lurve it. That yarn is Red Heart soft, in some color way that I've long forgotten but I thought it made a glorious boy sweater color. My coworker has red hair and it's just stunning. That hat is done in the the same garter stitch modification that I do for the sweater when I make it for boys and his wife just loves it.

This glorious yarn arrived in the mail over the weekend. It's more brown that I was able to capture with the camera so don't be surprised when I share the finished sweater with you (yay another me sweater!) and it's totally different in color than this picture.

It's kettle spun Malabrigo yarn, worsted weight in the Chocolate color way. I put it on my umbrella swift Tuesday and wound it on the ball winder, and it was just soooooo soft and yummy to handle. I really can't wait to start knitting on it, but I have one project to finish first, and another to start before I can get to this.
These 3 balls of yarn are going to become caps for my friend and coworker who has recently begun chemotherapy to fight cancer that has returned to mess with her a second time. She was only going to have to do hormone therapy but some developments have shown up that are causing them to want to be more aggressive with her treatment. She started chemo Friday and really isn't feeling so hot right now. Those 2 bottom balls are a wool/cashmere blend (soooooooooo soft) and the top is a cotton blend called Calmer. I will share the hats and the patterns as soon as I have them finished. I am waiting on some needles to arrive (who forget to check and make sure they have the right needles when they are placing the order for the yarn?) but they are coming out of Massachusetts and with any luck will be here tomorrow. I actually have another yarn coming from Canada to do one more hat, that I will share about only when it's done. Never underestimate the amazing power of knitters.


Sgt said...

I think I got lost in the terminology after "Snow" and "Shovel"

Is there a traditional phrase one would say to one about to embark on the task of knitting?

"Break a needle"???

tspwlv said...

What a lovely, lovely person you are to make such elaborate and personal gifts for friends of yours who are celebrating a new baby or enduring grueling chemo. You are a good friend.

Felicia McB said...

that little sweater and hat are darling! love it

Meghan said...

Oh my goodness.
That sweater is the sweestest EVER!
Um, yea, btw, I have a small 18 mos old boy, size 3T ofr summer or 4T for next winter.