Sunday, March 09, 2008

Who's Hoggin' All the Daylight?

Holy Crap ya'll.. when the hell did it get to be March?? And how did we find ourselves almost half-way done with March, and turning clocks back already?!?! It's been a little crazy over here, what with the snow that won't quit (check out that snowbank in the window.. that's my porch out there, and the snow is up past the porch window. If you've never been to my house.. it's a pretty big few steps down from my house to the ground under that window).. and school and kid things and then The Boy went and got his-self a cold. I'm tired just writing about it all. Or that could be because we've effed with the time, and I'm all out of sorts. It will take me a few days to adjust to this whole time difference thing, but I am totally loving that it was still light out at 6:30 today. Boo-Yah!

Check out my kitties.. aren't they just too damn adorable??? I walked into the kitchen yesterday during the 20 minutes I was home all day, and saw them sitting up on the heater together. I stopped and admired how cute they are, and thought of how far they've come (Bella, the black cat, wasn't too fond of Bailey when she was just a wee kitten) and awww-ed to myself cuz I was the only one home. And then, as I was getting ready to leave again, I saw that they'd changed positions and were sleeping together. So. Damn. Cute.

So all kinds of things have been going on, but I haven't felt like blogging about them really. I had to start a series of shots on Friday afternoon because I was bit at school by a student on Thursday (ya'll.. next year is going to be *the year*, right?! Cuz these past 2, are kicking my arse!!) but I really can't get into that.. except to tell you that I was just about to push up my sleeves, and at the last second, couldn't.. so the bite went through my sweater and while it's still not fun and it did break the skin (just a little)... it could've been a WHOLE LOT WORSE. I've finished the first of the knitted caps for my friend, and am about 1/2 done the second. I'll wait until I have the first 2 done to share them. Maybe by the middle of the week... maybe not.

Ya'll... have you been to the supermarket lately? I cannot get over HOW MUCH money everything is costing these days!!! It is starting to amaze me to see a price on something I buy regularly cost one thing one week, and be almost double the next. I don't know how people on fixed incomes are managing. Between the outrageous cost of gas, and the crazy cost of food.. I'm amazed more people aren't out on the streets. It's just disgusting. $4.10 for 1% milk, $4.29 for a gallon of Orange Juice, $6.99 for a lb. of deli ham..... I should've kept a list of some of the prices I saw. It's just nuts. I could get a cow, and milk it myself for probably cheaper than I'll spend on milk over the next year. Yikes.

Ok, I have to go and try and be tired, even though my body says it's only 10:12pm. Night!

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