Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal...

So today is the first day of spring. The first full day of spring isn't actually until tomorrow, but today is the "official start date". In true NH style, we rang in the day with grey skies, high winds, whipping rains, and snow. Welcome to spring, that will be a $1.25 thank you. Spring doesn't ever really get to my house until May, and even so, some years it skips us entirely. I keep reminding my coworkers that we get generally get a blizzard every year in March or April, and we haven't had ours yet this year. They can ignore me all they want, I'm not putting my shovels away yet.

Tuesday at school, I noticed 2 yellow crocus peeking out of the dark, muddy ground. I stopped all the kids and had them all look as they went in from recess. Nothing makes your heart sing after a long, tiring winter like the first flowers of the year.

I came home and looked in my front gardens, but my crocus are generally buried by giant snow piles from the roof, and they are just breaking out of the ground. No flowers yet, but I'll be sure to post when they do. My plans for the fall include planting more early spring flowers in the front to bloom next year. I meant to do it last year, and the year before.. but fall comes and school starts and life just gets busy.

I tried to take a picture of spring today to show you. There was a wack of birds in the nut tree after school today. Tufted titmouse, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers.... but the grey sky and the grey tree and the grey hedges.. all made for a sad ugly picture. So instead, I give you a cup cozy I knit for my coworker. It's the exact shade of her coat, and as she's working a million jobs and going to school right now, I thought she could use a little pick me up. She loved it.


Carly said...

you NEED to sell those. I'll buy one.

it's windy and frigid and NOT springlike here ::::pout::::

my verification word is FLUBE which somehow describes the weather today. It was a flube-y sort of day.

OneScrappyChick said...

what is your favorite color, I'll make you one... they are quick and easy.. perfect for when your brain needs a distraction. once you start charging, it's like work, and the last thing I need is more work.