Friday, March 28, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful.....

This has been the snowiest winter in NH in 100 years. We broke an old record today, when mother nature played a cruel joke and dumped 8 inches of wet, heavy, heart attack snow on us at this late date in the season. My phone rang at 5:15, and I panicked, thinking something awful happened.. and it was just my snow tree person calling to announce that school was closed. If I could've kissed her through the phone I would have. I haven't been feeling great this week, and have been working regardless.. and I really am happy to have had the day off. I had to go out with my shovel and knock the snow off my hedges because the weight of all that wet snow was bending them in half. We lost a huge branch off one of the giant pine trees in the back, that barely missed hitting the barn. I think this summer we are going to get a quote on taking the 3 trees out. Last year we had a similar incident and I'm about done with the pine needles anyhow.

 Ms. Thang and my adorable little neighbor Liliana made the first snowman of the winter (well in our yard.. Lili and her mom made one in their yard sooner) today. We have gotten mostly fluffy snow this winter, followed by ice, so it wasn't great for snow related activities. I think he's cute as hell. It will be 55 degrees on Tuesday and he will melt.. but today he is cute. Even if he did bring more snow.

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