Sunday, September 28, 2008

And We're.....

Last Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day to be married on. The sun was shining, the air was warm but not hot, and the sky was sparkling blue. We spent Friday night in the city as we had to be at my MIL's house bright and early on Saturday morning. We had a day full of hair appointments and make up and H just wanted to spend the day with her maids getting ready for the big evening. Mr. Man and The Boy came along with us and it was a good thing because we ended up needing him to run people here and there and everywhere. I made arrangements for Ms. Thang to have her hair and makeup done.

She's never wore makeup before (we have a 7th grade rule) and was sooooo excited. Our makeup person was the cousin of the groom and had assured me ahead of time that she would just do it minimally and it would be very age appropriate. It came out fantastic (and so did her hair!!) and MB had some shimmery sparkle powder stuff that she put on for her and she glimmered in the right light. H chose purple and silver for her wedding colors...more accurately, eggplant. The trim of her dress had an eggplant ribbon and the color of the bridesmaids dresses were eggplant. The 2 matrons of honor wore an accenting color called antique lilac and A's jr. bridesmaid dress was antique lilac with eggplant trim. She had the coolest shimmery skirt part to her dress and when she twirled it just floated around her. I'd seen the dress on her (obviously), but nothing prepared me for how grown up and stunning she would look when we put it on her after her hair and face had been done. Our shoes were silver, and I found a cute pair of silver flip flops for her at Target at the beginning of the summer. They had rhinestones going up the strap part and she just loved them. I took pictures of everyone who was at the house all dressed up out in front by the mums... and here she is just beaming right after she got dressed.

Guys have it way easier when it comes to formal events. About 10 minutes before the photographer was due to show up, Mr. Man and the Boy disappeared downstairs and came back all suited up. I should mention that Mr. Man is just a bit taller than me now, and he weighs more than I do. That suit coat that he is wearing belonged to my brother B. B wore it to our brother S's wedding about 6 years ago. Six years ago he would've been 23. Mr. Man is 13.5. (coughs) My MIL hemmed the sleeves a hair and it worked out perfect. He picked out a tie, but insisted on wearing it to the rehearsal dinner and spilled something on it that didn't come out in time for the wedding. That tie belongs to my FIL and worked perfect with the color scheme. Posting this photo I still can't get over how grown up they both are. It doesn't even seem possible that in a few years one will be driving and the other will be starting HS and we joked about how my SIL could be carrying the flower girl for Ms. Thang's own wedding. Where has the time gone? But for all that.. they both made me so proud on this day.

For all this hormonal angst and back talking and driving me crazy... despite the fact that he felt like crap the whole week prior, and was exhausted by the time the wedding finally started, Mr. Man got up there and did the most wonderful Intercessions. His voice was steady, he enunciated and he didn't rush through it. He's come a long way from the little boy who used to serve on the alter and not pay attention to the mass. Every once in a blue moon I get a glimpse of the fine young man he will be someday, and that is what gets me through the rest of the days. His sister provides the balance that I need right now to keep my sanity, and even though I know our day with her will come, right now she's a welcome reprieve. Because someone asked to see my dress, I will share this picture of her and I that The Boy took. We were standing watching the photographer take photos of H and her mom and dad.. and I couldn't tell you what the heck we were laughing about.. but I know by the looks of it that it was pretty funny. I'll try to ignore the fact that even with my 3" heels on, she is gaining on me quickly in height, but she has already passed me in beauty.


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wow! you're all beeee-utiful!! (and handsome)

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