Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Random Complaints On a Tuesday:

1. It's dark now when I get up. I feel like it's too early to be dark when I get up. I still have been walking, but I'm having a hard time getting out of bed because, hello.. it's dark! The Old Farmer is predicting a cold and snowy winter and I can't tell you how happy that makes me (eyeroll). I am not ready. It's about time to start the fall cleaning and get all the windows sealed up and ready for winter. Secretly I am harboring hope of warm days until late October and I'm not ready to close up the house yet. Call me crazy, but it could happen.

2. Our playground got struck by lightning today. People, if you've never been near a lightning strike.. it's LOUD. It's BRIGHT. It's SCARY. Twenty Eight 6th graders and 2 teachers all screamed. 13 first graders and 2 teachers all got eerily silent as we all looked at each other. I held my breath as I waited. I thought for sure that either a. the power was going out (our lights made a weird buzzing noise) or b. the fire alarm was going to go off or both. Fortunately it wasn't the building that got hit, which is what we first thought and no one was worse for the wear.

3. I hurt my effing leg this afternoon running. The worst part of it all.. is that it's my OWN DAMN FAULT. I didn't stretch before hand. I know better. I do a brisk 5 minute walk first, and normally stretch a bit before that, but today I didn't. I don't always and have been lucky to not get hurt.. and got lax about it. My 5 minute walk wasn't too brisk because I was tired, and all of these things combined caused my calf to cramp up. I slowed down.. then I went back to walking. After a few minutes, and a few stretches, which now that I think about it were dumb cuz I could've made things MUCH worse (but didn't).. it felt better and I tried to run through the pain. I quickly realized it wasn't going to turn out well and just stopped. I've iced. I've massaged. I have to be in 3" heels next Saturday for a wedding. God Help Me. I have resolved to give up running until it's better (hopefully it won't take 2 months like last year.. but last years hurt much more so I'm hoping that was a worse injury, or maybe this is just a re-injury of that old one cuz it's the same damn spot). I am considering skipping my gig this weekend at the Big E, which I love playing and and will hate missing out on. I am even going to give up my daily walks for at least the rest of this week. People.. I hate missing my walks. As I still have to fit in my stupid g.d. dress next week.. I will resort to Pilates and hope that the stretching helps my leg heal quicker. Dumb. DUMB. DUMB!

4. I CANNOT wait until this Election Year is over. So. Very. Tired. Of. It.


Carly said...

egads - I was wondering how your school adventures were going so far this year

be good to that leg, although I think walking might help.

Carly said...

note, me not mentioning the other things (winter and the el....)

I'm SO with you on those