Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going To The Chapel....

I have far too many photos to blog one time, so tonight I'm going to give you the rehearsal. The wedding took place at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Manchester. It's a beautiful old church right in the heart of the city and we were informed it's only 97 feet from the back of the church to the front.. 125 if you start at the door. 97 feet of people watching your every move, your every step. 97 feet of eyes looking you up and down, and at the rehearsal I learned that I was going to lead the way up that isle. No sweat. Nothing I like more than being the center of attention (eyerolls).

We stood and watched as Fr. Joe went over with H and S about where they would stand, and how the mass would go, and who was going to do what and yaddah, yaddah yaddah. Then he had them practice their vows, so they could get a feel for how loud they had to talk. I was a little weird-ed out, because normally you don't do that... and half way through the "sickness and death" he changed to.. "I promise to let you watch Monday night football" kind of stuff and had everyone laughing. Then he told them that everything he had just said, they didn't need to worry about because he'd walk them all through it during the mass. If it wasn't so far away, I'd go back to church because he is the kind of priest you want to attend mass with.

After the rehearsal was over we headed over to Unwine'd, which is also in Manchester, for the dinner. It's a neat little wine bar/restaurant that I had never been to before. We were seated in a private room that had tables, and chairs, and couches with cool fold-up tables you could eat on in front of them. We had cheeses and bread an fruit for appetizers and I'm not sure what was for dinner, but I had some vegetarian ravioli's which were excellent. I was tired and headachey so I skipped the wine and had a yummy Australian Heferwisen beer. We chatted and ate and my BIL serenaded us with some humorous songs, and then we called it a night. I think it was midnight before I climbed into our bed at the Hilton Garden-top Inn. I will never regret one minute that we stayed over Friday and Saturday night. We had to be up at the crack of dawn Saturday, even though the wedding wasn't until 5:15pm and it would've made for a miserable day. The actual day was far from miserable.. but that's a story for tomorrow.

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Laurie said...

Ok...I'm glad that I wasn't the only one "Weirded out" about hearing even HALF of their vows!!