Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Get Together.. And Feel All Right

I won't get into one of the politicky type blog posts about today and history making and blah blah blah. But I did want to share my amazing afternoon. Someone at school asked a week or so ago about setting up a TV so the teachers who wanted to could bring their classes to watch parts of the ceremonies today. My principal replied with a commitment to set up the projector in the multipurpose room and stream coverage from 10-2 for those who wished to stop in. I popped in during my break and learned about 95 people who were hard at working cleaning out the old at the white house and moving in the new. At 11:20 I went to lunch. On my way down to get my lunch out of the teachers room fridge, I noticed someone had set up long tables in the mpr for the teachers to have lunch at and watch. I joined some coworkers and the younger students came in to eat their lunch, as the older ones filed in to watch in front of us on the floor. The kids cheered when Obama was introduced. They clapped when Joe Biden was sworn in. One stood up and saluted as Aretha sang. They were so full of enthusiasm at being able to watch a new president take office, it was awesome. The best part was... when they asked the crowd to stand up before the presidential oath, all the primary kids who were still eating (we switched lunch groups before the speech and the kids were even quiet while they did that) all stood up and there wasn't a peep to be heard until the whole school cheered at the end. To me that is what it's all about. Happy Inauguration Day.

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